Take an Online Luxury Floral Design Course

Flowers provide enjoyment and pleasure. They enhance each day and enrich special occasions. Properly displayed flower arrangements set tone, balance, and mood. Luxury floral design is an art form that requires know-how and experience. Online luxury floral design courses teach individuals how to: • Arrange table centerpieces for special occasions.• Assemble architectural designs for special […]

Flowers Are a Must for Any Successful Business or Corporate Event

We all know flowers make wedding receptions special. They’re also a must for any kind of business or corporate event. Before we go any further, let’s provide some examples of what we mean by a business or corporate event: • Trade Shows• Product Launches• Roundtables• Corporate Banquets• Team-Building Seminars• Summits• Holiday/Year-End Parties• Fundraising Events• Shareholder […]

Never the Mother the Mother of the Bride But they were Always her Daughters

Always the bridesmaid, but never the bride.” Most are familiar with that expression. For Bisli Vazquez, however, the phrase works a bit differently — she would never be the mother of the bride. What does this mean? Well, let’s look at Bisli’s backstory. Bisli is from Panama, where the beautiful, clear blue sky meets the […]

Go Ahead and Plan Your Luxury Wedding or Event

It’s been a really rough year. Shut-downs, quarantines, travel restrictions, masks, social distancing, … And, the losses. That, of course, was the worst part. There really are no words. For those who planned luxurious weddings and special events, it was especially rough. Such individuals had to either compromise their original vision or simply cancel their […]

Most Common Flower Varieties (Part 2)

An earlier blog examined how flowers are wedding and special event musts. Their elegance, vibrance, and splendor sets an occasion’s mood and each unique flower offers meaning as well as design. Additional history notes that through medieval Europe (500 to 1400–1500), other women would tear fabric from the bride’s wedding dress for fortune. As a […]

Most Common Flower Varieties (Part 1)

Flowers are a must for weddings and other memorable events. They add beauty, romance and let everyone know that something special is taking place. Flowers also symbolize history and tradition. In ancient Rome (753 BC–476 AD), brides wore flower garlands to symbolize fidelity, new beginnings and offer fertility. In the Middle Ages (476 AD — […]


The Bisli Story

Bisli Vazquez has been a leader in the event industry for almost three decades. She is known for her mesmerizing designs and the impressive rapport she develops with all her clients. Bisli’s has conducted hands-on informative seminars on floral design and event planning. She presents on world stages on how to take a client’s dream and bring it to life! If you are looking to educate, inspire, or engage designers, florists, planners, and/or event professionals… Bisli is THE an industry expert to hire for your next seminar or conference. Experience and Inspiration make Bisli’s speaking engagements second to none.

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