When I met Bisli Vazquez at an industry event in our business of creating celebrations, I was taken aback by her kindness, her connection and her ability to see someone as they are. She is selfless, she is bold and she understands the importance of making others feel special. We have had many brief connections over the years at various industry events and every time we see one another she portrays herself with love, respect and confidence.

“Never the Mother of the Bride,” written by Bisli is the perfect title simply because she cares about her brides, couples, families and puts each of them first before herself. In the business of creating celebrations…success comes from excellence in the execution of an event. The icing on the cake is when your planner leads from their heart. Bisli brings knowledge and creates from the soul BUT, it is the fiber of her heart that makes her stand out. She may never be the mother of the bride but she will always be a loving, smart, emotional, talented professional that will honor your requests and make sure your wedding comes to life with love!

“it is a joy to know Bisli and to watch the growth of her soul and her business”
– David Tutera

Why this book?

Why this book? I have dedicated my life to helping girls relax while I make the magic happen. My name is Bisli Vazquez; I was born in Pinogana, Darien, Panama. Growing up, I dreamt of having an elaborate wedding, but when the time came, I was working. My fiancé called me from downstairs and said, “I don’t want to leave without you. I am downstairs with two witnesses because we need to get married.” He was in the United States military and had orders to be deployed.

Four years later, we had our first pregnancy; according to the ultrasound, the baby was a girl. Right away, I started dreaming of all the things we could do together. The delivery day arrived. It was a baby boy; at that moment, I felt disappointed because I was expecting a girl, but seconds later, I fell in love with that treasure of a boy, my son. Then, the second baby was another treasure of a boy, and I adore him as much as his brother.

never the mother of the bride


Now you understand this book’s why because through the brides, I get to live my dream of celebrating my daughters’ weddings. Everything started when I became a wedding planner almost three decades ago; I noticed that being close to the girls made me happy. Instead of feeling that I was working, I thought that I was celebrating my daughter’s wedding; every time I get booked to plan and design a wedding, I have that beautiful feeling in my heart. Everything I do for the brides I do with so much love and passion like they are my own. When I meet with their mothers, I tell them I want them to relax because I will take care of their daughter now, she is my daughter as well, and I mean it. I know how confused many brides are about getting everything perfect on their big day, and they get nervous and often get overwhelmed. Some cry, some get frustrated, and sometimes the poor groom carries all the fault. I have seen brides trying to do everything on the day of the wedding, and the anxiety can take over because it is too much to handle. The idea of this book is to teach them on how to ask the right questions, how to get help to put their budget together, and best of all, they do not have to do it alone. They can hire a wedding planner to help as much as they want them to do. This book will guide the bride to identify important things, cut in expenses, and be ready when meeting with their planner and other vendors for the first time. I have confidence that many brides can do the planning, but the problem is that they will use the time that they should be using on other things. They may hire the wrong vendors because of the deal offered, but that can often translate into disappointments because instead of celebrating and having fun, they end up running around to make sure everything is the way they want it to be.

With all the decoration ideas, tips, and advice in this book, the bride will be ready to look like a pro when meeting with the vendors. I put some of my knowledge in this book as a gift to the brides so they can shine, relax, and enjoy on their big day.

You can have a fabulous wedding if you know your priorities, but do not deal with your wedding, please. This enchanted moment happens once in a lifetime, and whatever happens, that day will live with you for the rest of your life.