I call it unique because of the non-traditional way we place it on the table. You will learn to make this centerpiece, turn it into a runner, and set the table. These colors are traditional for Christmas, but you can change them depending on the celebration’s colors.


Red is the color of passion and love; this centerpiece can beautify the main or guests’ tables. You will discover which flowers were used to create this sophisticated floral arrangement.


If you are bohemian or like that lifestyle, you will love learning how to make this unconventional arrangement. You will discover step by step the techniques used to achieve it.


In this course, you will learn what flowers we selected what mechanics and vases we chose to achieve this beautiful finish, and we will also teach you how to set the table. These colors were chosen to show you how to make these arrangements with traditional Christmas colors with a touch of pink, but you can select other colors.

Opulent Creation

Knowing how to mix old and modern is an art. This course will show you how to learn to do it. Step by step, we will take you by the hand to teach you the techniques used to achieve this look.


The quinceañera celebration can be monetarily more than a wedding, so we want to teach you how to make this luxurious arrangement. In this course you will learn how to do it, we will also show you what to do to achieve this height and much more.


Centerpiece with a unique style, you will learn about the mechanics, the flowers we use, how to place the flowers and what pedestal we select and much more.


This enchanted wishing tree is to decorate the signing table, in which guests take a small card and pen to write messages to the couple, with good wishes in their new married life. We will show you what we did and used to achieve it.


As its name says, this centerpiece is radiant and unique. We’ll let you know what we used to achieve this look. We will also show you how to set the table and what we use.

Luxurious and Romantic

This centerpiece will enhance any event and any table. In this course you’ll learn how to make these two luxe centerpieces the white for the sweetheart table and the red for the bridal party, you’ll learn mechanic, what flowers we use how to put the pedestal together and much more.


The Bisli Story

Bisli Vazquez has been a leader in the event industry for almost three decades. She is known for her mesmerizing designs and the impressive rapport she develops with all her clients. Bisli’s has conducted hands-on informative seminars on floral design and event planning. She presents on world stages on how to take a client’s dream and bring it to life! If you are looking to educate, inspire, or engage designers, florists, planners, and/or event professionals… Bisli is THE an industry expert to hire for your next seminar or conference. Experience and Inspiration make Bisli’s speaking engagements second to none.

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