Flowers Are a Must for Any Successful Business or Corporate Event

We all know flowers make wedding receptions special. They’re also a must for any kind of business or corporate event. Before we go any further, let’s provide some examples of what we mean by a business or corporate event:

• Trade Shows
• Product Launches
• Roundtables
• Corporate Banquets
• Team-Building Seminars
• Summits
• Holiday/Year-End Parties
• Fundraising Events
• Shareholder / Corporate Board Meetings
• Workshops
• Networking Get Togethers

Let’s now review why you flowers are essential for these events.

Why Flowers Enhance Corporate or Business Events

Right away, flowers offer beauty to every setting. They also:

• Enhance Your Event’s Mood: because most people must attend corporate and business events, they view them as routine, uncomfortable, and tedious. Flowers welcome people into an event, calm them, and make them feel relaxed. They also encourage them to linger.

• Boost Your Product: flowers help brands stand out and encourage people to engage more. At trade shows, properly arranged flowers help products stand out from the competition. Placed near a stage, they draw participants’ eyes to the speaker. At conferences, appealing floral arrangements near furniture and other areas encourage visitors to participate and engage with one another.

• Lower Anxiety and Stress: multiple studies show that flowers actually reduce stress by as much as thirty percent. They also help improve memory and focus.

Bisli Luxury Floral Designs

Bisli Vazquez is an expert luxury wedding planner who offers corporate event planner service
and luxury floral design. Bisli sees flowers as nature’s gifts. She believes they convey emotions that words cannot express and uses them to brighten people’s lives. Her designs have adorned tables, doorways, stages, and stairs for many high-profile events, celebrations, and galas. Her floral décor provides both the focal point and sets the mood.

Bisli’s skills, eye for beauty, and original designs have earned multiple awards and accolades. She has over thirty years of luxury event experience and her floral designs and best wedding decorations transformed the industry. Her expertise is known throughout the world.

Bisli Luxurious Events offers complete corporate and business event planning services to San Antonio and the South Central Texas area. Contact her today to schedule a consult.

Bisli also wrote “Never the Mother of the Bride,” a bride’s best wedding planning book. It contains her first-rate advice and tips. It’s the best book for brides or even an event planner or individual working in a corporate event planner service. Use it for decoration ideas, as a vendor guide, budget manual, or as floral decor wedding ideas book.

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The Bisli Story

Bisli Vazquez has been a leader in the event industry for almost three decades. She is known for her mesmerizing designs and the impressive rapport she develops with all her clients. Bisli’s has conducted hands-on informative seminars on floral design and event planning. She presents on world stages on how to take a client’s dream and bring it to life! If you are looking to educate, inspire, or engage designers, florists, planners, and/or event professionals… Bisli is THE an industry expert to hire for your next seminar or conference. Experience and Inspiration make Bisli’s speaking engagements second to none.

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