Chapter 10: Shrink Wrap

In my design studio, shrink wrap is an essential tool. I use it in almost all my floral designs. For example, I use it to make garlands because I can have larger foam pieces to insert more flowers easily. It keeps moist in the foam longer, so the flowers are hydrated and it keeps the foam from breaking; if it does, it can still hold the stems. I also used it to cover my foam in many other designs. You will see the photos showing the placement and size of the foam before I wrap it with this plastic. (see illustration page) There is color shrink wrap and clear. The shrink wrap I use is the one used to wrap pallets and other items for shipping. There is also a ticker and more rigid plastic used to make gift baskets and wrap other things using a heat gun, which I don’t recommend. I buy this item in the hardware store and sometimes you can find a smaller size in the craft store.

Here I used shrink wrap to make a garland.