Chapter 11: Cutting Tools

A tool is an object that can extend an individual’s ability to create. I am sharing what tools are essential to us; we do not need too many tools. I have two types of oral knife a disposable and a regular folding knife. A sharp ribbon shear if I need to cut ribbons, a clipper, a wire cutter, oral scissors, pruning shear and Guillotine fresh flower bunch cutter. These are enough for me and I keep them very sharp and clean. Cutting tools are not the only tools you will need to be successful designing; knowledge is a powerful tool. Even if you do not have the experience, that will help start on a positive note, so always be ready to learn. On the following pages, you will nd a few samples of cutting tools and a list of some tools and accessories that will make your work easier.

A few thing to keep in mind so your tools are always ready for the next job and always save you time is once you finish using your tools clean and disinfect them, place all your tools in an specific area so when you need to use it you know where to nd them; believe me it will save you so much time and as you know we never have enough of it. So be proactive with your tools and the will last longer.

Common Cutting Tools