Most Common Flower Varieties (Part 2)

An earlier blog examined how flowers are wedding and special event musts. Their elegance, vibrance, and splendor sets an occasion’s mood and each unique flower offers meaning as well as design.

Additional history notes that through medieval Europe (500 to 1400–1500), other women would tear fabric from the bride’s wedding dress for fortune. As a distraction, brides tossed their bridal bouquets and then hurried away with their gowns unharmed. Whoever then seized the tossed bouquet would have good luck and fertility. Today, tradition declares whoever catches the bride’s bouquet will be the next to marry.

As promised, this is the second blog in a series that will examine the most common types of flowers.

• Iris: this versatile flower, which is ideal for any occasion, represents hope, faith, purity, bravery, admiration, and courage. There are 300 varieties of irises and they come in all sorts of colors, including orange, peach, tallow (orange and yellow), black, and white — such is why its name in Greek means “rainbow.” The purple iris adds praise and the blue iris sprinkles in even more hope and faith.

• Peruvian Lily: this is also known as the Lily of the Inca or Alstroemerias. It’s named for Baron Von Alstroemerias, a Swedish botanist who brought the flower’s seeds from South America to Europe. They’re one of the most highly respected blossoms. People love to give and receive them and brides adore them. This freckled, sometimes striped, bloom, which can grow up to three feet, comes in white, red, purple, orange, green, and white. Their lack of fragrance also makes them ideal for those with allergies. It represents dedication, companionship, and spirit.

• Orchid: each orchid is bilaterally symmetric, which means it can be split into two equal parts. Interestingly, too, each orchid has both male and female reproductive features. Because the ancient writer The ophrastos thought they resembled parts of the male reproductive system, he named them accordingly (orchid means “testicles” in ancient Greek) and the bloom is associated with virility. This elegant flower, however, also depicts splendor and beauty. White also means purity and devotion; yellow denotes fresh starts and companionship; purple signifies respect and admiration; and, pink represents joy, elegance, and femininity.

We will keep on studying flowers and their meanings.

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