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Flowers provide enjoyment and pleasure. They enhance each day and enrich special occasions. Properly displayed flower arrangements set tone, balance, and mood. Luxury floral design is an art form that requires know-how and experience.

Online luxury floral design courses teach individuals how to:

• Arrange table centerpieces for special occasions.
• Assemble architectural designs for special events.
• Select the best flowers for each event.
• Provide personal service to each client.
• Recognize each client’s needs.
• Draw ideal customers
• Know how much to charge a client.
• Know where to purchase supplies.
• Understand which flowers will best satisfy a particular budget.
• Effectively market a business’ needs.

Online luxury floral design courses, thus, benefit event and wedding planners — they must work directly with florists and floral designers to satisfy customer needs. Those preparing for an upcoming wedding and/or special event would also benefit from understanding floral design as they will be employing arrangements in their upcoming event. Such courses are ideal for those working in interior design, as such could greatly enhance their work. Courses would also benefit those interested in working in flower shops, those wanting to integrate flowers into their home and/or business, and those who simply love flowers. They’re also ideal for anyone who is artistic and imaginative.

Bisli The Academy

Bisli Vasquez is an award winning, full service wedding planner and luxury events planner who transforms empty spaces into works of art. Her thirty years of experience earned her various awards and an outstanding global reputation as a professional wedding planner in the luxury wedding planning service.

Bisli is now offering Luxury floral design courses and virtual workshops, in both English and Spanish, to help all creative individuals with their professional and personal goals.

The courses Bisli currently offers include:

• Our Windows of Love — A Grand Architectural Sweetheart Table Centerpiece
• Orchids and Crystals
• Optical Illusion Masterpiece Floral Waterfall
• Luxurious Centerpieces Designing with Phalaenopsis Orchids
• Attract Your Ideal Client with Your Style, Designing a Show Stopper Booth
• Optical Illusion Floral Design Cascading Orchids
• Designing a South Asian Centerpiece

More courses to come in the future.

Bisli also wrote “Never the Mother of the Bride,” a bride’s best wedding planning book. It’s the best book for brides or even an event planner or individual working in a corporate event planner service. Use it for best wedding decoration ideas, as a vendor guide, budget manual, or as floral decor wedding ideas book.

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The Bisli Story

Bisli Vazquez has been a leader in the event industry for almost three decades. She is known for her mesmerizing designs and the impressive rapport she develops with all her clients. Bisli’s has conducted hands-on informative seminars on floral design and event planning. She presents on world stages on how to take a client’s dream and bring it to life! If you are looking to educate, inspire, or engage designers, florists, planners, and/or event professionals… Bisli is THE an industry expert to hire for your next seminar or conference. Experience and Inspiration make Bisli’s speaking engagements second to none.

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