Nothing in life is easy

Online course is thee easiest way to learn. We all must set goals and make things happen. It will be easier for some people because they prepare themselves for success; for others, it may never happen because they don’t appreciate their worth, and they don’t know their potential.

When I started my business, it was a new market for me. I went from a sales and marketing manager to Social event planner, floral and event designer owning my business. I started my business after buying online videos and learning from the experts. Knowing the art of selling and marketing, but I didn’t know how to execute my designs ideas. Hence, I recruited the best designers to work with me on my events. At the same time, I continued educating myself to interpret and understand design concepts so I could execute them.

Six months later, I was ready to run my business with confidence and speak the same language as the professional designers. I believe in educating myself with great professionals. For me, everything happened with videos and online course classes. Then I went to the school of floral design in Atlanta Georgia.
Getting that experience brought me a client I will never forget. One day my studio doors opened, two bodyguards stood inside my showroom at either side of the door. A sweet, adorable lady walked in and said, “I am here because I want you to design my 50th wedding anniversary and I want it to look and feel like a grand wedding.” At that time, I did not know who she was, so I kindly got up and greeted her. After a warm welcome, I said, “Where is your lucky gentleman?” She responded, “He is in the car waiting” (some things never change, “guys”).

I landed that contract

It was the beginning of a profitable and enjoyable career with many referrals from that social circle. If I were not prepared to conduct that consultation, I would have never made it. That is why education is number one on my agenda. When I started this business, I resolved to deliver excellency to all my clients. Being prepared has allowed me to remain in the same industry for almost three decades. I am still working with my dream customers and solving their problems. In the end, the result is happy clients. You can do likewise.

I know the present situation has us all thinking “what if?” After this pandemic is under control, though, we will have to be ready, whether working for other people or ourselves. This is the moment to educate yourself, to finish that book, to start your blog, revise your web site, to learn a new carrier to make your goal a reality, God gave us this pause to find yourself. Please read and answer these questions to discover the weaknesses and strengths of your business. If you get stuck, you are not alone. Many of us started that way and still have questions.

  • What’s the biggest problem facing your business right now.?
  • What is holding you back from solving it.?
  • What are your goals moving forward.?
  • What could you do differently.?
  • What makes you vulnerable and why.?
  • What is your fear.?

We Are Here For You

Author: Bisli Vazquez

Bisli has been a floral, event planner and designer for social events for almost three decades. She has worked with customers with six and seven figure budgets that have allowed her to transform her clients’ important occasions.

Five years ago, Bisli started making videos of floral designs that have been converted into courses and sold in colleges and universities all over the U.S. and in many other countries. Now, Bisli is starting her online floral and event design academy to teach people across the globe. She will also share the pricing method she uses to exceed her clients’ expectations and maintain a good profit. You will learn how to perform magic for your dream customers and keep them smiling. By using the Bisli’s way you will be able to enjoy, profit while solving your customer problems.

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