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A List Of Flowers | Inspiration For Your Wedding

Welcome to part two of my blogging series,  “A List Of Flowers”. This article is about the best flowers, based on my experience as a 30-year florist, to have in your decorations. Today I will be showing you which flowers are best to have in your wedding décor.

Flowers are always important in a wide variety of events including weddings. They spruce up the décor with an aroma that perforates through the air and carries with it an ambiance that causes the experience of having an event to emerge.

Increase your knowledge of flowers and choose the perfect ones for your wedding depending on your taste. Today we will be discussing…

  • Rose
  • Hydrangea
  • Gardenias
  • Daisy
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Succulent
  • Ranunculus
  • Anemone
  • Dahlia
  • Sweet Pea
  • Lily Of The Valley
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A List Of Flowers | Inspiration For Your Wedding

This flower is the most used flower for event decor, including weddings. Roses symbolize love and romance, but every color of a rose has its meaning. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, joy, and new beginnings.

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Every year there are a new varieties of roses and several new colors. Many roses come with thorns so be very careful when removing them because the pain is unpleasant if you get hurt.

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One of my favorite roses is the garden rose for its aroma and the distinctive beauty of the heat of the flower. Garden roses cost more than the regular rose, and it is worth it because your arrangements will look more romantic and luxe.

Standard roses are the most popular for weddings because of the size of their head that are not too big. There is also sweetheart rose. Sweetheart Roses are smaller and come on individual stems.

While the spray rose is small as the sweetheart, it has a few flowers within the same stem. When designing with roses, you have a great choice of colors, sizes, and aromas.

I like to mix garden roses, standard, and mini roses within my floral designs and the bridal bouquet because it gives texture and adds more interest.


A List Of Flowers | Inspiration For Your Wedding

Hydrangeas are best known for their size and care. These flowers bloom in spring, summer, and early fall. The Hydrangea is a very thirsty flower. This flower needs lots of care to last.

Many florists and designers are fearful of working with hydrangeas because they experienced the flower wilting before the day of the event. This happens because they did not know how to care and handle this flower.

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Once you get to know the preferences of the hydrangea, then it becomes the best flower to work with. This is true especially if you have a low budget, because just a few hydrangeas are needed in a vase to make a cute centerpiece.

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I am not a fan of too much greenery because I believe that flowers are meant for the wedding, so the design looks romantic.


A List Of Flowers | Inspiration For Your Wedding

Gardenias have a lovely essence. Some people are allergic to them, but those who like this flower enjoy incorporating a few of them within their bouquets. Gardenias bloom from late spring to fall.

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Gardenias have a unique way to be packed. This is so they do not move or touch anything while traveling because they can be bruised easily.

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At first, when you buy gardenias, there is an element of surprise because they do not have long stems and come with permanent botanical greenery. The stem has to be extended to be used within the bouquet. Gardenias come with permanent botanical leaves.  


A List Of Flowers | Inspiration For Your Wedding

The Daisy is known to be in season year-round. They also grow in a variety of species. One of these species, the English Daisy, is known for its yellow center. They bloom around late spring.

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The English Daisy also grows up to 3-6 inches. There are numerous other species, including; the Gerbera daisy, Oxeye Daisy, Shasta Daisy, The Marguerite Daisy, known to grow up to two to three feet tall.

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It is known for its bright yellow center and its yellow, pink, and white color scheme. There are also the painted daisy species. The painted Daisy is known for how open its pedals are when they bloom.

This flower is popular in country floral design for weddings, usually is bunch together and form a small bouquet and is placed in a mason jar of cans or any other country-style vase. Known for their small and vibrant appearance, Swan River Daisies grow only 1 inch in diameter.

They grow in multiple colors, including lavender, blue, yellow, and white. They are perfect flowers as fillers for your event decor to brighten up the ambiance of your event with a thick layer of small Swan River daisies adorning your arrangements.

Baby’s Breath

A List Of Flowers | Inspiration For Your Wedding

Baby’s breath is known to be inexpensive relative to other flowers. Baby’s breath’s unique look makes it perfect for adding an elegant appearance to your wedding or other events. Baby’s breath blooms during the mid-summer.

Adding Baby’s Breath to your decor will magnify its appeal to all who notice the beauty in your designs. Baby’s breath and million stars both have miniature white flowers. Still, there is a difference between these two; the million stars variety has more flowers and the essence is different.

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On the other hand, the flowers of baby’s breath are looser and don’t have as many florets as million stars and the smell is not too pleasant. They both look great as fillers or can be used by themselves.

Dahlia flowers How To Make A Flower Wall types of vases
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Many designers abandoned this flower because most brides did not like them. Still, thankfully they have been gaining popularity in the last couple of years.

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They are used in sculptures and grand designs. When used together, you get a unique effect with the density of the million stars and softened baby’s breath.


A List Of Flowers | Inspiration For Your Wedding

Succulents are a flower known to be available to purchase all year round. This flower comes in various shapes and colors. Some Succuluents are more ornated and larger than others. They grow from May to August.

This flower is easy to work with because minimum care is required. You will need to add a stem and secure it with wire to make them stay where you want them to be to work with them.

If you are going to add a significant focal point to your floral arrangement, then all you need is one or two of the largest variety. They can get heavy, so make sure they are well attached to the centerpiece.

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The unique look of the Succulent will add an astonishing appearance to your event on your big day.


A List Of Flowers | Inspiration For Your Wedding

The ranunculus is a beautiful flower with lots of petals. I love seeing it opening because it looks magical. It goes from a very tied bulb to a magnificent flower that lasts longer than roses and other hardy-looking flowers.

The stem is unique. It remains one of the most popular flowers for weddings, especially to be used in the bridal bouquet. Ranunculus grow at their best from mid-January to mid-May.

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The Ranunculus makes for a unique addition for any piece of event decor. Add some of these flowers to your event today for an impressive look. There are over 600 species, but the most popular for weddings are the Japanese ranunculus.

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This is because of their beauty and large head. They look perfect to be used in centerpieces. The second one is buttercup. This one is so popular, especially with the bridal bouquet.

This is because the delicate petals, the soft fragrance, and the form of their flower head are not too big to be incorporated within the bouquet.


A List Of Flowers | Inspiration For Your Wedding

Anemones are widely known for their large black centers within the pedals. This flower is in season from October to May. Anemones make for an extravagant accessory for any arrangement for your event.

This flower symbolizes fragility and love. The Anemone plant is known to be easily grown in indoor containers. These plants can grow up to 4 feet tall. Anemones are known to symbolize the arrival of the first winds.

There are over 120 different species of the anemone. They grow wildly in Japan, Europe, and North America.

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If you are looking to have flowers in your event that don’t have a scent to them, then you will be making a good decision to consider anemone flowers as they are known not to contain a scent.

Fun Fact: Anemone flowers are poisonous when you eat them, so be sure not to consider these for any edible arrangements. Anemones are called anemos which means winds in Greek.


A List Of Flowers | Inspiration For Your Wedding

What a beautiful flower; the Dahlia is known for its perfect and intricate dramatic patterns. They are native to Central America and Mexico. They come in various colors, from blush to dark hues.

These flowers bloom from mid-summer to fall. The Dahlia’s unique style and pattern will make your event flare up with breathtaking style. Dahlias can grow up to 1 foot in diameter. There are 30 species of Dahlia.

The appeal of the Dahlia is known throughout the world as a piece of unique beauty. Dahlia’s symbolize commitment and everlasting union. Dahlias have been very popular for wedding decor, but they are uniquely popular with bridal bouquets.

Fun Fact: The Dahlia’s name comes from 18th-century Swedish botanist Anders Dahl who decided that the flower should be categorized as a vegetable because the tubers are edible. It is also the official flower of Seattle and San Fransico.

Sweet Pea

A List Of Flowers | Inspiration For Your Wedding

Sweet peas are a delicate and romantic flower. It is a beauty that comes in various colors. The colors for the Sweet Pea include but are not limited to purple, pink, lavender, and white.

The season for Sweet Peas is Spring. These flowers bloom between spring and summer. Add Sweet Peas to your event to touch up your designs and add a remarkable touch to them.

Sweet Peas hold about 5 to 7 flowers per stem. These flowers have an attractive sweet aromatic scent to them and this unique flower symbolizes kindheartedness. You can incorporate sweet peas in centerpieces as well as bridal bouquets.

Lily Of The Valley

A List Of Flowers | Inspiration For Your Wedding

Lily of the valley is a delicate bloom. Their stems are composed of florets with the form of bells. It also has a sweet essence.

This flower is popular among royal brides. Queen Victoria, Princess Astrid of Sweden, Grace Kelly, and Kate Middleton used the white bell-shaped buds in their wedding bouquets.

Some brides believe that carrying a bouquet of lily of the valley will bring them luck in their marriage. I do not believe that, because of its name and delicate look, this flower is safe.

It can be poisonous when ingested, so if you decide to incorporate this flower within your bouquet. Make sure it is away from the reach of children and never put it on your cake because it is not edible


A List Of Flowers | Inspiration For Your Wedding

Now that you have a good growing list of flowers to pick from for your event, you can begin to describe your perfect vision to your florist. On your big day, you can have a large variety of flowers that will be sure to leave guests stunned and amazed at their beauty when arranged.

Be sure to take your time when choosing the right flowers. It can make a considerable difference doing your research first when shopping around for event decor. Be sure to continue doing more research by checking out my blogs.

Best of luck to you in your event decor and planning endeavors. See you on the next blog.

florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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