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Hi, my name is Bisli Vazquez and today I will be sharing the steps necessary to make your amazing bridal bouquet. Learn everything you need to know in how to make a bridal bouquet. From recording your idea for your bouquet all the way to making your bouquet. We discussing…. 

Recording Your Ideas On Your Bouquet
Tools you Will Need
Picking the Flowers
Purchasing Greenery
Ordering The Flowers, Caring And Conditioning Them
Putting The flowers Together
Cutting the stems

The wedding bouquet has always been a symbol of love and beauty. Containing within it pleasant fresh flowers and accessories designed to hold it in place beautifully. There are a variety of styles out there you can choose from for your ideal bouquet.

Today we will be discussing how to design and create your perfect bouquet. We will be going over how to prepare your flowers, what tools you will need, how to prep the materials you have, and how to put it all together so you can arrange your DIY bouquet.

The first thing you must do when creating your bridal bouquet is deciding on the style. There are many different styles of bouquet to choose from if you want to deviate from simply choosing to freestyle your bouquet.

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These styles include; the cascading bouquet, the Posy bouquet, Round bouquet, Hand-tied bouquet, nosegay bouquet, pomander bouquet, and the composite bouquet among other designs.

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Recording Your Idea

How To Make A Bridal Bouquet | By A 30 Year Florist

Let’s talk about journaling. Journaling includes how to make your wedding bouquet, how to write your vision, why you need it, why it is essential, the materials and all the goodies you will need to make your bouquet.

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Write about the colors, your favorite flowers, what type of flowers will look better and will last longer in your bouquet, the shape of the bouquet you like, what tools you’ll be using, and write about how long everything you do will take.

Once you have written down all of your thoughts about making your own bouquet, then we can move on to talking about the tools and supplies you will need.

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Tools You Will Need

How To Make A Bridal Bouquet | By A 30 Year Florist

Let’s start with the basics of what you will need to make your bouquet. You will need some tools and supplies as well.

These are the basics things you will need: a bucket of water, a floral knife or floral scissors to cut the stems, water, corsage pins, fresh flowers, fresh greenery, floral ribbon, floral glue, or any other detail to embellish the bouquet’s handle.

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Another item you will be utilizing is a clean vase with water to place your bouquet in when you are done with your bouquet to keep it hydrating. You can buy all of what you need online. I have provided some good links.

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If you have no experience cutting floral stems, please practice before you start making your bouquet. It can sometimes be frustrating for some people without the knowledge.

I recommend using a sharp knife because it will be a clean-cut to the stem, which will help the flower to hydrate better. If you are not comfortable using a knife, then buy a floral scissor.

Your floral scissors must be very sharp or else they could cut the stem incorrectly and close the vessels of the flowers. This will shorten the flower’s life. Please pay attention to all these tips because it will be saving you a lot of time and headache.

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Picking The Flowers

How To Make A Bridal Bouquet | By A 30 Year Florist

Once you have decided on your style, you are now ready to choose which fresh flowers you would like in the bouquet. You can select any variety of flowers that fit your grand idea and your taste.

Be sure to include various types of flowers in your bouquet to add texture, movement and shape. With the immense variety of flowers available for weddings, you will need to learn about the flowers you like.

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Buy those flowers and experiment with them by making a bouquet and placing it in a vase with water the following day, then you will want to get it out of the water, dry the excess of water and put it back in a clean vase without water and monitor it to find out how long it will last without water.

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After this test, you will have a better idea of your choice of flowers for your bouquet, and you can try again with other flowers you want in your bouquet.

Be sure to see which flowers are in season. If the flowers you want are in season, then they will likely be less expensive than during the other times of the year. If the flower you are looking for isn’t in season, they must likely be available at a higher price.

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It would help if you also considered the purpose of this flower. Will the bouquet enhance the appeal of your wedding dress, or will it simply just take away attention from you as the focal point of your wedding?

Be sure to keep your flowers fresh as long as possible. It is a good idea to leave them in a bucket with water overnight before designing.

Have some fun exploring the different kinds of flowers you like. You will become so knowledgeable that when a guest asks you about your choice of flowers in your bouquet, naturally, you will respond with so much knowledge.

If you’re wanting to start arranging right away, then this is my go-to place to buy flowers whenever I need them.

Purchasing Greenery

How To Make A Bridal Bouquet | By A 30 Year Florist

Will you include a lot of greenery in your bouquet? If so, be sure to shop around for the right one first before committing too much time to your bouquet. The best thing to do is be resourceful so you know which greenery to incorporate into your bouquet; the foliage in your bouquet should be delicate, romantic and complement the bouquet size, shape, and style.

Be sure to make time to learn when you will be purchasing your fresh flowers and greenery, so they do not get too old and rot if you decide to design on a later date.

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Cutting The Stems

How To Make A Bridal Bouquet | By A 30 Year Florist

Now that everything is coming together and you have a rough idea of your finished product, it’s time to put your theory into practice. Let’s start by cutting the stems. Please make sure all items are clean and free of leaves, thorns, and anything we do not need.

Be sure to cut five inches minimum from the bottom of your stems at a 45-degree angle so the flowers can better absorb water. Once the stems are cut you can put all the pieces of your bouquet in a rubber band.

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Be sure to leave at least 5 inches of flower stem underneath the rubber band. Once the rubber band is in place, you can hide it with some floral ribbon by wrapping it around the stem in a delicate way for an even more beautiful appearance.

Now you are ready to pin the ribbon to secure it and add details with the pear headpin. Cut the extra stems to make it even. Make sure to put the bouquet in a vase with water and leave it in a room with the air conditioning on or put it in the refrigerator if you have room.

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Make sure there is no fruit in the fridge, so the flowers don’t die.

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Observation: Not all flowers are treated the same. Please make sure to research the flowers you like and if you have any questions, please send me your questions @ ask the expert bislianswers@theacademy.Gmail

When To Order The Flowers, Caring And Conditioning Them

How To Make A Bridal Bouquet | By A 30 Year Florist

Always order fresh flowers at least one month before the event so, if there is any inconvenience with the weather, shipping, and etc., I have enough time to use another source to find the flowers I need.

The flowers always arrive in my studio on Tuesday, the week of the event, so I have enough time to prepare the flower to last longer.

When the flowers arrive, the first thing to do is open the boxes to see how they are doing. Now you can right away; we remove some foliage, thorns, cut the stem at an angle, and place them in a clean bouquet with water.

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If you want the flowers to open faster, use hot water; make sure it is not too hot not to hurt the flowers. Before beginning to design your bouquet, you will want to remove the unneeded parts of the fresh flower’s stems.

Be careful not to damage the flowers or stems when removing the leaves or when cutting the stems.

Putting The Flowers Together

How To Make A Bridal Bouquet | By A 30 Year Florist

Now that you are ready to make your bouquet, you can begin putting the flowers together. First, start by adding the flowers one by one in a spiral way, so it is easier to arrange.

Every time you add flowers to the bouquet, turn it, so it is easier on your hands and the design looks great. Be sure to take caution when holding your flowers, so they don’t break or come apart.

Hold them by placing your fingers on the part of the stem that is right under the bloom. You can hold them in place using floral tape or a rubber band. I like to use duct tape when I am sure I do not need to move any flowers.

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Be sure to hold every layer of flowers you use, such as the base of your bouquet, together with floral tape. This practice will offer you a much more firm design that does not fidget out of place.

Then you will add in the focal flowers, the flowers that grab the viewer’s attention and take up the most room in the bouquet. Add the most vibrant and stunning flowers that leave an impression on you.

It will make the composition appear as if all other parts serve the focal flowers aesthetically. After adding the focal flowers, you can put in more greenery and small flowers as fillers.

Fillers guarantee a lush look to your flower piece. After adding the focal flower, follow with the complimentary flowers; this one will be a medium size flower; fillers and greenery are the last to be added to soften the bouquet and make it look more appealing to your eyes and your guests.

Wrapping the handle of the bouquet makes it look orderly and stunning. When inserting the floral pin, make sure to do it diagonally, so the floral pin stays in place and avoids going through the handle while hurting you when carrying the bouquet.

Why use a corsage pin? This is because it plays a role in holding the ribbon so it won’t come apart when decorating the handle or incorporating them within the bouquet.

That is why I recommend using dedicated and decorative pins to stylize the bouquet, so it looks more girly. You can include other decoratives items or something meaningful to you. To honor your mom or grandma, add the first necklace they gave you.


In conclusion, now that you know how to make a simple bridal bouquet go and buy what you need to start practicing because practice makes perfect. Don’t be nervous if you make a mistake. It is ok to start all over again until you get it right. Happy designing.

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