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Whether for your own DIY project or wedding, making the perfect floral arrangement is a good way to polish your floral arranging skills so your next design will wow your guests and customers. This article aims to teach you how to make flower arrangements.

Today I will teach you what you need to create the perfect floral arrangement for your wedding or other social event. After reading through this guide you will be able to design a floral arrangement with ease.

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How To Pick The Perfect Flowers

How To Make Flower Arrangements | Guide By A Florist

The first thing you must do when creating a floral arrangement is to have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve. Pick fresh flowers that fit your design style and your ideal image for your finished product whether they be roses, lilies, carnations, and so on.

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It is also a good to have an idea of the different shapes, pattern, and sizes of the flowers in the arrangement. For example, let’s say you want to make a garden-style floral centerpiece. Another thing you can do before shopping for flowers is to pick a color scheme.

If you know your color scheme, then when you go to buy flowers during the process you are better suited to buy the right flowers that make the arrangement look great.

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If you own a garden then the best thing to do is to cut the flowers early in the morning so they are not too thirsty. Choose the blooms that are just opening, and some buds so that the flowers last longer and they will be able to enjoy a few extra days.

If you do not own a garden then the next step is to talk to your wholesaler and order your flowers in advance. I would say at least 30 days before your event or wedding.

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When deciding on what flower will look the best in the vessel you choose, it is important to consider the size and shape of the flower. For example, you will need large flowers to be the focal flower or the star flower.

Be sure to take time in choosing the right flowers for your arrangement. You will need smaller flowers, relative to the focal flower, so it does not compete with the focal flower.

Remember, it is a good practice to put the big flowers in first. The third flower will be used for the purpose of filling space and is otherwise known as a filler.

Fillers are handy when aiming for a look that makes the flowers look complete. They will look seamlessly as though they were a single continuous pattern of pedals.

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A filler is the smallest flower of all the flowers you have, and it is to be used in your arrangement to fill some space within the composition.

This makes the arrangement look full. The last will be line flowers. Line flowers play a significant role when designing a floral arrangement.

This is because they can be used to add form and shape to the piece. If you would like to add some greenery to finish your floral piece, that is also a good idea.

The greenery can add a unique touch to the arrangement. Some people don’t like green within their floral centerpieces, and some people may find it helpful.

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Choosing The Right Tools

How To Make Flower Arrangements | Guide By A Florist

Be sure to take safety precautions when working with flowers and tools. Wear gloves if you need to. Make sure your gloves are thick enough to withstand cuts from your floral knife and thorns from some flowers such as roses.

After your flowers have arrived, we can now begin the process to prepare them. Now that you have your flowers you can remove parts of the flower. Here are a few tips for what to look for when choosing the right tools.

Dahlia flowers How To Make A Flower Wall types of vases
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You will need a sharp floral knife to cut the stems so that your flowers can better absorb water in order so that they will last longer. You can also use floral foam.

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Floral foam is used to place flowers together in a arrangement by sticking the stem of your fresh flowers in the foam in any order you want. You can also use chicken wire which is used to create a grid in which you can place your flowers after taping it to the vase or other vessel.

You can also use adhesive waterproof floral tape. This floral tape is used to tape bouquets together, tape chicken wire to your vessel, tape floral foam to your vessel, and wrap floral stems.

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You will also need sharp scissors to cut away rotten leaves and parts of the floral foam or chicken wire you are using. These will be the basics tools you will want so you can start to begin to create your floral arrangement.

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If you do not know where to purchase supplies, then click on the links provided in this article to receive some guidance on where to get started.

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Selecting The Vessel

How To Make Flower Arrangements | Guide By A Florist

Selecting the vessel or object to arrange your flower is an essential step because it must complement the flower arrangement. It must be heavy enough to support the weight of the design to avoid accidents. 

These are the choices when selecting the vesselfloral dishes, glass containers, vasespedestalscandelabraslow vases, or any other container that compliments your floral design style.

Be sure to shop around for the right vessel for your arrangement to find the vessel that works best for you.

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Conditioning The Flowers

How To Make Flower Arrangements | Guide By A Florist

Conditioning your fresh flowers makes them last much longer and helps them remain healthy. This is a good practice to maintain so that you are not surprised one morning with rotten flowers and leaves littering your workspace.

When conditioning the flowers you will need a clean bucket with water, add some floral preservatives, remove the majority of the green like the rotten leaves and stems, cut the stems at an angle, place the flowers in a clean bucket of water and add a preservative.

Leave it overnight to hydrate the flowers. Now your flowers will be well taken care of while you sleep and work.

Preparing The Mechanics

How To Make Flower Arrangements | Guide By A Florist

When we mention preparing the mechanics we are talking about the physical apparratus that holds the flowers into place. This involves preparing the material that holds your flowers and placing them in a way that fits your design.

If you are designing with floral foam, then the first step is to have a clean container with water. Place the floral foam in a container with water without forcing the foam to absorb water too quickly so it will fully get saturated with water.

It works best to slowly push the foam into the water so the effect is more potent and works correctly. If the foam is forced into the water, then the foam will have dry spots and your flowers will not last long within the foam.

florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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You will know when the foam is ready because there will be no bubbles coming out of the foam block. Now is the time to measure your foam to fit snugly in the floral dish or vase you have prepared where you will be inserting the flower stems.

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Secure the foam to the dish of the vase with floral adhesive tape. Be sure not to put on so much adhesive tape so the flowers can be better arranged. I usually cut to pieces of tape and crisscross them onto the foam, then I adhere it to the vase or dish so I have no problem with the mechanics coming apart when I am designing, during transportation, or when they are set up on the tables.

Arranging The Flowers

How To Make Flower Arrangements | Guide By A Florist

You are now finally ready to arrange your flowers however you imagined. 

It is important to know what form you want to give to the floral arrangements. Many people like freestyle, round, elongated, or simply placing one single stem of the flower in an individual mini vase.

Let’s talk about the easiest way to arrange your large centerpieces. First start with the line flower. Line flowers are flowers with long stems that can be adjusted to be placed higher or lower relative to other flowers. This gives the form to your arrangement if you go for a more freestyle look.

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After this you can add the focal flowers, otherwise known as star flowers. Focal flowers are the largest flowers in the bouquets that get the attention of the viewer. Following this, you can add the medium or complimentary flowers.

These are smaller then the focal flowers and are used to fill up space to add thickness to your arrangment so anyone who views your arrangement does not see the floral foam or chicken wire. Add filler if necessary to cover the mechanic with some greenery.

We will be working first with the medium or complementary flowers if you are making a romantic round centerpiece using floral foam. In this example, the first thing will be to start adding the medium, or focal flowers. Place one medium flower in the center of the foam to mark the high point of the arrangement.

Add four flowers closer to the ring of the vase, forming an imaginary cross, then add four flowers a bit higher in between the four flowers. Continue by going up, adding four more flowerings between the second line of four flowers right at the top.

Repeat the same steps and now you can add the star flower sticking out of the composition about one inch or so. This makes your design look more textured so your guests enjoy the starflower.

I would use less of the focal or starflower. The following step is to add the filler flowers to any unnecessary holes or empty space within the floral centerpiece.

The filler flowers will help you to cover the mechanic and also helps add more texture to the design. You will want to keep adding the filler flowers in the empty spaces or holes until you are satisfied. If you want to add greenery to cover the mechanics at the bottom, this is the moment to do it.

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How To Make Flower Arrangements | Guide By A Florist

In conclusion, now that you know the basics of floral design and how to make a simple floral centerpiece go and buy what you need to start practicing because practice makes perfect.

If you do not know where to buy fresh flowers, then this link will bring you to one of my go to online wholesalers. Don’t be nervous if you make a mistake. It is ok to start all over again until you get it right.

Be sure to visit my other blogs devoted to informing you about event decor. Happy designing.

florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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