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Hi, my name is Bisli, and here I am sharing part of my experience in how to select a wedding bouquet. I hope this real-life information will help you with clarity on choosing a bridal bouquet that reflects your personality.

The bridal bouquet is one of the most crucial elements of a bride’s overall look on her wedding day. This information will help you pick the most appropriate bridal bouquet for your wedding.

The bride carries the bridal bouquet when she walks down the aisle. Which is to say it is second in importance to the dress the bride is wearing. The tradition of holding flowers in one hand dates to ancient times.

Be it the Greeks, Romans, or Egyptians. Each has its variation of fragrant herbs, flowers, and spices to ward off the evil eye and bad luck during the days of a wedding.

Fables have it that witches and charlatans cursed weddings in ancient times for various reasons. Times changed, and the Victorian Era came. During the Victorian Era, the bundle of flowers or spices finally transformed into an elegant bouquet.

Back then, flowers were used symbolically. Each flower for the bouquet was picked to depict something for the couple. However, as days went by and trends changed, the practice of picking up specific flowers faded.

Now, brides pick up their bouquets based on color, style, and beauty. This is perfectly fine. Today, brides carry the wedding bouquet as an accessory to make them stand out in the crowd.

It is meant to enhance their beauty. However, they forget that going overboard with beautification often makes their bouquet the center of all the attention instead of themselves.

To save you from making the same mistake, I will guide you through the journey of picking up the best bridal bouquet for your wedding day.

Select Your Flowers

How To Select A Wedding Bouquet | 5 Step Complete Tutorial

There are many beautiful and fragrant flowers, but which one should you choose? Each flower is radiant, aromatic, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. If there were any way you could put them all together in your bouquet, you would.

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However, at this point my dear, you must think carefully. Here is how you can choose your flowers for your wedding bouquet

1. Ask yourself if you have any personal preference for fragrance or any flowers you like? If yes, what is it? Once you have the name, go to the next step.

2. Do the colors and theme of your bouquet preference match your wedding’s theme and colors? If yes, then it is all good news – move ahead.

how to select a wedding bouquet

3. If you have answered yes to the above two questions, then congratulations because you are more than halfway through. Now comes the most crucial question: Will that flower be available at the time of your wedding?

It is a simple trick to choose your favorite flowers for the wedding bouquet. If you get through this stage at the earliest, then I can assure you that you will get done with your wedding bouquet in no time.

Choosing The Bouquet’s Style

How To Select A Wedding Bouquet | 5 Step Complete Tutorial

When deciding what bouquet will make you smile and feel confident is a good idea to have some ideas of why you like that bouquet. Is it the color, the flowers, the style of the bouquet, the size, the aroma of the flowers, or simply because it looks fantastic with your wedding dress.

Fresh Flowers how to select a wedding bouquet

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Also, it is essential to have a mock-up of your bouquet months before your wedding to see if that is the right weight and the right size. This is so you won’t be uncomfortable going down the aisle if it is too heavy.

Popular Bouquet Styles

How To Select A Wedding Bouquet | 5 Step Complete Tutorial

Tussie mussie is a mini bouquet made with flowers and fragrance herbs that became popular in the Victorian era. It’s also known as nosegay or posy.

Fresh Flowers how to select a wedding bouquet

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An example of the most recent wedding where the bride carried a nosegay bouquet was Meghan Markle. This size bouquet is straightforward to hold. This bouquet is more familiar with bridesmaids.

The Garden-Style Or Hand-Tied Bouquet

It is arranged in a natural style as when you pick up flowers from the garden and gather them together and loosely tie them.

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To make them more realistic, tie the handle with raffia in an informal way. A hand-tied bouquet is trendy for boho-chic Weddings.

Cascading Bouquets

Cascading bouquets are an elongated bouquet trilling down, and it is quite a piece of art. The perfect example of the cascade bouquet is the one carried by princess Diane at her wedding.

It can be formal, semi-formal, even informal.

The Round Bouquet

The round bouquet was the most popular bouquet for so many years until a few years ago, but it is still the favorite of so many brides for their romantic look.

The flowers are packed together, and the composition is just flowering with no minimum touch of greenery or no greenery added at all.

A Single Flower

For this bouquet to look good, a single stem bouquet must be a large flower that makes a big statement. A small flower makes it look like the bride was out of budget.

Arm Bouquet

Arm bouquet is a simple but elegant bouquet that wraps around your arm so it will not take away from the dress because the use of flowers is minimum.

It is becoming very popular in a group of brides that care about being the main attraction during the ceremony.

Freestyle Bouquet

The freestyle bouquet is where you tell the designer what you want and they create it out of your vision and this bouquet showcases a lot of the bride’s personality, which is very important.

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Now that you have a bit more knowledge of these bouquets, which one is your favorite.

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Do You Toss Your Bouquet?

How To Select A Wedding Bouquet | 5 Step Complete Tutorial

If you decide not to toss your bridal bouquet, but you want to carry out the tradition, then perhaps ask your floral designer to make a smaller version of your bouquet (more specifically, a less expensive one).

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The bridal bouquet’s size makes it relatively hard to toss, and whoever gets hit by it might even take offense. Henceforth, save yourself the expense as well as avoidable grudges people might hold against you.

Deciding On The Size Of Your Bouquet

How To Select A Wedding Bouquet | 5 Step Complete Tutorial

There is no wrong or right when it comes to deciding on the size of the bouquet you want to carry down the aisle, which makes you happy, but it is crucial to determine what is essential for you.

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If a large bouquet is what you want to go for, then that is ok as long as it is not too large. Make sure it won’t take away from you and your dress. Some brides dreamt of having the most oversized bouquet they can carry.

how to select a wedding bouquet wedding bouquet Flower bridal bouquet

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Some like the medium size and easy to hold bouquet. Others like it small so it does not take over the meaning of the occasion. There are times when the bride can’t even hold the bouquet because it is so heavy that it makes their hand hurt, so consider all of this.

A well-designed bridal bouquet that doesn’t compete with you is the best. It would be best if you felt comfortable and relaxed when going down the aisle.

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The bridal bouquet shouldn’t be of big concern at that moment as long as it doesn’t look like a bunch of flowers is replacing you because the guests will focus on the flowers and not on you.

You decide what bouquet style will work for you.

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Choosing Trend Instead Of Comfort

How To Select A Wedding Bouquet | 5 Step Complete Tutorial

When choosing your bouquet, consider the comfort you will feel by carrying a beautiful but easy-to-carry bouquet. Some brides don’t think about it.

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They allow the trend to take over and forget about how important it is to be comfortable carrying their bouquet. They often ignore the meaning of that moment and focus on being trendy.

how to select a wedding bouquet wedding bouquet Flower bridal bouquet

Some bouquets look beautiful, but some have no sense of fashion. On the wedding day, the guests get distracted by the flowers because they are too big.

Be mindful when choosing your bridal bouquet because you don’t want to cover the beauty of the dress. This is your time to shine and remember the bouquet must compliment you and your dress if you are short.

A cascading bouquet is not going to look good. You should you for a smaller different style of bouquet if you are overweight. Having a large organic bouquet will make you look heavier.

On the other hand, if you have the perfect figure and are tall, a cascade style bouquet will make you look gorgeous. A large round or organic bridal bouquet will make your beautiful silhouette disappear so think about it when choosing your bouquet.

Remember, you can make the trend sometimes and other times the trend can go against you.

What Type Of Flowers Should Go In Your Bouquet

How To Select A Wedding Bouquet | 5 Step Complete Tutorial

One of the most popular flowers for bridal bouquets is the rose because it represents love. Some roses are hardy and can stay outside water for a while without deteriorating, but some are very delicate.

If you want a long-lasting bouquet, then you must choose flowers that can stand the weather. I like to use orchids, anthurium, mini calla lilies, carnation, ranunculus, and protea, among other flowers that have a longer life without water.

If you select a delicate flower, then make sure you have a water source for your bouquet when you don’t need to carry it. Something else that can help you choose the flowers is the style of your wedding dress, your body, and season.

how to select a wedding bouquet

For example, you love hydrangeas and this flower is a must-have in your bouquet, but it is a hot summer and the ceremony is outside. You decided to use the bridal bouquet for pre-ceremony photos, and when you went back inside you forgot to put your bouquet in a vase with water.

What will happen is that your beautiful hydrangeas will look wilt because they’re not hydrating. If you are not familiar with flowers, please, ask your florist or floral designer for advice.

If you are making your bouquet, get an expert’s advice from whom you will be ordering the flowers. Be resourceful, that will answer a lot of your questions and another idea is to buy the flowers you like.

Experiment to see what will be the best way to extend their vase life.

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How To Select A Wedding Bouquet | 5 Step Complete Tutorial

Now that you have a more precise idea about how to select the perfect bouquet, is time to start researching for flowers that you like and how good they are holding up without water.

Buy flowers that you like and study them to see if that is the right flower to be in your bouquet. Remember to be trendy as it is not always the best choice to do something because your girlfriend will look great.

That doesn’t mean you will. Also, remember that bigger is not better. See what works for you, that bouquet that makes you smile or cry when you see it because it is everything you always wanted.

Good luck, make the best decision and don’t forget to smile when you are going down the aisle; it is all on you.

florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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