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Hello my name is Bisli Vazquez and today we will be discussing what are the different types of wedding decoration ideas used in weddings.

We will be reviewing a wide variety of decorations so you can have a better grasp on how to design your big event. We will be going over centerpieces, mundaps, table runners, greenery, garlands, ceiling treatments, and more.

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The Centerpiece

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

The first piece in our discussion “What are the different types of flower arrangement” is the centerpiece. The centerpiece is one of the top decorations that is used in weddings.

Starting with the guest’s tables, they can be tall and majestic or small and luxe. Every wedding needs to have centerpieces. This is because centerpieces will enhance the tables, and if they are tall, it will also help to decorate the ballrooms.

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Centerpieces in events are essential, so when the guests arrive they have the illusion of a well-spread décor. What we do in real life is make lush and tall centerpieces to create that illusion.

When having tall and elegant centerpieces there is no need to add too much décor around the room. Adding candlelight will be sufficient to complete the look.

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When there is a celebration and no flowers on the table, it looks unfinished and boring. Flowers add life to the table and make the whole atmosphere welcoming.

Tip: If you have more than 20 tables, it would be nice to have at least three different styles of centerpieces. Centerpieces inspire conversations, especially for those who do not have a partner.

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The centerpieces can be high and low, or you can have some floating on top of the table for an extra element of surprise. People like innovation, so try to do something that will keep your guests interacting.

The Waterfall

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

The name of this table design came from the inspiration of waterfalls. A waterfall displays well-arranged fresh flowers running through the center of the table and expanding to the floor.

It can be made of just flowers with texture or no texture, and with fresh greenery if that is what you want. Be creative and imaginative when deciding which flowers to use and the lengths of the cascade.

I like to make the waterfall with long flowers such as white dendrobium orchids because it creates the illusion of running water. This is an awe-inspiring centerpiece, and it can also be costly, but it is worth it because it will enhance your event.

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Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

Greenery has been the wedding flower for a few years now. It is used in abundance with just a sprinkle of flowers or vice versa. The romantic look of flowers in different shapes, sizes, and colors is still solid, especially to decorate social events.

Grand entrances are where the guests love to hang out because the beautiful flowers create a calm ambiance and serenity. Here are some decorations that are popular to design for the grand entrance.

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Large urns with branches and flowers, vines, columns with flowers, arches, large trees with flowers, a display of candles with flowers, hanging flowers from the ceiling, and electronic flower walls that open when the couple and bridal party are announced.

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The decoration depends on what you or your clients want to achieve.

Table Runners

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

Table runners look like the waterfall, but it does not go to the floor because it runs through the center of the table. This floral centerpiece is low, and therefore it does not interfere with the guests’ view.

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They are made with an abundance of flowers. There are many times the runner also has green. The beauty of the runner is that it can be made in an individual vase or in two or more vases. It has to do with the size of the table.

The Registration Table

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

The registration table or the sign-in table is what most guests see when stopping at those tables. It is often decorated with a tree made with flowers, branches and flowers, or a natural tree.

These grand beautiful designs can be used in the middle of the bar if there is lots of room inside of the bar area. Using such a large décor will help make that area more attractive to the guests to stay around the bar longer.

Arches and Columns

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

Arches, columns, or any other large structures are perfect for decorating with flowers to adorn the entrance of a ceremony or reception. In many countries around the world, designing a stage with many blooms is a priority.

Dahlia flowers How To Make A Flower Wall types of vases
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It becomes the main focal point, and the décor that grabs the viewers’ attention the most. So to make this décor grand, gazebos, arches, columns and other floral pieces look perfect because it has to be seen from far away.

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This installation is beautiful and super large. It also requires lots of time to make sure it is safe.

Ceiling Treatments

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

A ceiling treatment is a great design, especially when the ceiling is high and there is a need to make it look lower. For example, brides with a great budget to spend on their big day love to add flowers to the ceiling.

Many times they are fresh flowers. A mix of permanent botanicals and fresh flowers, or just permanent botanicals. It all depends on the weather, the time, venue, budget, or customer vision.

florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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It can be a large installation that will need a day or two to be done correctly. Ceiling treatments must be securely rigged so they do not cause any significant accidents. When the budget is restricted you can go for smaller chandeliers with flowers to hang over the dance floor.

They can be set up in different levels so it looks attractive. Mainly, there is a structure that will hold the flowers in midair, and it gives the illusion that if they are floating.

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These decorations require a professional rigging company to make sure it will stay and don’t fall.

Floral Accents

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

Use floral accents to decorate the chair’s back. There are many occasions when the customer wants flowers everywhere, even on the chairs’ back. A small bouquet will often do that, but there are times that a large swag or garland is what the client wants.

So it all depends on what the budget can buy. If you want something simple, then just a monstera leaf will look perfect or a piece of southern smilax, Italian rusco, or maybe a large stem of cymbidium orchid. Many times this décor is just for the sweetheart chairs.

Room Decor

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

Room décor can be columns of flowers, large floral pieces of floral trees strategically placed throughout the room so you can see this type mostly when they have a theme such an enchanted forest, or the garden of Versailles.

These themes require a very detailed design with a great number of flowers and green. Imagine creating three flowers from scratch. That would be a lot of work, but the satisfaction is greater.

The Ladies and Gentlemen's Room

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

Now let us discuss the Ladies and gentlemen’s room, a small floral accent looks good on the counter many times. The flowers that are chosen for these mini bouquets have a nice fragrance that is not too strong because there are people who are sensitive to these flowers.

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Another area that we can add some flowers is in the foyer because that is the first place the guests see when they arrive. Some venues use this area for the social hour. So if this is the case, then smaller centerpieces will be lovely on each of the high boys (tall cocktail tables).

Escort Table Card

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

Let us discuss now the escort card table. This table is where the guest will find a card that will help them find their table. A grand centerpiece can be placed in the middle of this table with beautiful blooms that match the event’s color scheme. The guest will feel welcome when they approach this table.

Some ideas of decor for this table are; a grand centerpiece with flowers, a tapestry of flowers that can be displayed on the table and can be used to set the escort card on top of the flowers. If the budget is limited, then a few low floral arrangements be ideal.

The Welcome Table

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

The welcome table is a very important table because it has no other role than to welcome the guests and make them feel happy. When they see this welcome table, it can be decorated with a waterfall of flowers, a tapestry of flowers, or anything that looks grandiose.

Some people who do not know why this table is in the center of the social hour will be captivated to approach it and have a closer look to enjoy every detail.

Bride’s changing suite

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

Let’s talk about the Bride’s changing suite. This room will have the bride, her bridesmaids and sometimes immediate family getting ready. They usually start early in the morning and end in the afternoon when they take pre-wedding photos and videos.

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So in honor of the occasion, a small but beautiful floral décor will be fantastic to welcome your guests. Flowers always make people happy and get you in a good mood and what better way to do so than adding some décor to the bride’s changing suite.

The Canopy

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

The canopy, mandap, or huppah is a trendy decor with flowers for weddings for several cultures. Let us talk about the names of these structures. Canopy is mostly well known in other religions, such as Christians. If you are Hindu, it will be called a mandap.

send flowers

This is where the bride and groom get married and are surrounded by their loved ones. The Huppah is decorated differently but with the same abundance of flowers.

All three are used for the same purpose, to get married under it. The photos look extraordinary and so romantic because of the use of flowers.

The Sweetheart Suite

Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

We can now talk about the sweetheart suite. The sweetheart suite is where the bride and groom will spend the first night as husband and wife before leaving for their honeymoon.

Therefore, it needs to look and feel romantic. The most requested flower to decorate the sweetheart suite is the rose. The hotel usually has champaign with chocolate or some exotic fruits in the suite to welcome and thank the couple.

Flowers, rose petals, and candles are a significant part of the decor. The rose petals mark the entrance and guide the couple to where the champagne and chocolate are waiting for them.

The trail of rose petals continues to the bed area. This is where it is decorated with rose petals as well.

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There is often a heart shape made with rose petals, the newlywed’s initials, or rose petals scattered throughout the bed and a few flower arrangements that are not big but small and romantic that will be placed in the bedroom strategically.

Candlelight is always added to complete the romantic look. I remember one of my many sweetheart suite decors. The bride told me to decorate the bedroom with lots of candles, red heart shape balloons, and an abundance of red flowers.

It was at their new home’s bedroom. Knowing the fire restriction and regulations, I decided to hang battery-operated candles from the bed canopy to make it super romantic.


Wedding Decoration Ideas | By A 30 Year Planner

Now that you have read this blog I know you will enjoy your event much more by filling up your time educating yourself on the various topics surrounding event design. We have even more content for you to enjoy and learn even more tips about event design and décor.

Best of luck to you in your event décor and planning endeavors. See you on the next blog.

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