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How To Make A Flower Wall | Complete Guide

Hi, my name is Bisli Vazquez and today, we will be discussing how to put together a flower wall. We will be going over every step of the process of making a flower wall arrangement.

It will be done by thoroughly going over the action it takes to build the structure for the flower wall and the different ways you can arrange the flowers. We will be discussing…

*How to envision your wall so you can bring it to reality
*The tools and Supplies You Will Need
*How To Choose The Right Flowers for your Flower Wall
*Assembling your flower wall
*How to price your flower wall

After reading this article, you will be ready to build your flower wall in any way you envision it. Follow these steps as a guide to get started with your design.

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Picking the Design

How To Make A Flower Wall | Complete Guide

When you are looking to create any floral arrangement work, including a flower wall, it is essential to know your design before you begin to put it together.

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You can sketch your design or visualize it. Specifically, for a flower wall, you must consider what sort of material you want to use, its thickness, and how wide and tall it is.

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Do you want greenery cascading down the area of the flower wall? What pattern of fresh or permanent botanical flowers do you prefer to work with, or maybe you want a simple flower wall?

It will be your choice. If you are stumped about where to start, then you can always look up some inspiration online when you know the mechanic.

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Once you have envisioned the design for your flower wall, it is time to move on to the step.

Supplies And Tools 

How To Make A Flower Wall | Complete Guide

Now that you have your design drawn up, we can begin selecting and gathering the right tools for your design. If you have decided to work with wood, then below are the tools and supplies you will need to build your flower wall.

  • Plywood – If your wall is 4’x 8′, you will need a sheet of plywood to apply your greenery and flowers. A 4 x 8 ft sheet of plywood can cost from 20 to 55 dollars.

        If you are using your flower wall outdoors, it will be a good idea to look into wood that is not damaged by moisture.

       If you are exposing your wood to moisture, then the wood’s quality will depreciate over time, and you will not be able to use it again. 

        florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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        • Plastic– Plastic is used to protect the plywood. Cover it with plastic and staple it to secure it. It is to protect it from water when designing, primarily if you use foam.

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        • Hammer– You will need a hammer to nail the frame together.
        • Saw-you are going to need to cut the wood. I suggest using an electric saw to cut the wood.
            Dahlia flowers How To Make A Flower Wall types of vases
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            • Measuring tape-You will want to use a measuring tape to make sure your cuts are the right size for your flower wall.
            • Ruler-A ruler will help you mark the areas you want to cut in straight lines, assuring a clean cut.
            • Gloves -For protection when using cutting tools, cutting the wood, handling the chicken wire and making the frame.
            • Floral Knife – Use a floral knife to cut your flower stems to the length that you desire so that your arrangement will look perfect. It is also used to make angled cuts in the flower’s stem to absorb water better.
            • Stapler -Used to adhere the plastic to the wall
            • Four 2″x2″x10′ wood studs – This is used to make the frame. It is always a good idea to buy a larger piece of wood because it is better to cut than be short of material.
            • One 6″x6″x10′ wood stud to make the bottom of the wall, so it is heavy enough to support the weight.
            • Two pieces of chicken wire four and a half feet wide and two pieces eight and a half long to insert the flowers. 

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            Assembling Your Flower Wall

            How To Make A Flower Wall | Complete Guide

            With everything in order, we can now begin to assemble our flower wall. Gather your tools and supplies and follow the following steps.

            The first thing you will need to make is the frame. If the wall is 4’x8′, you will need to buy a plywood sheet with these measurements, so you do not have to cut it.

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            • Use an electric saw to cut from the 2″x2″x10′ two pieces 7′.8″ long at a 45-degree angle. Cut another 2″x2″x10 at 3′.8″ also 45-degreed angle.

                     It is cut shorter because this is the piece that will go on the top of the frame and we need two inches at both sides of the frame to screw or nail the plywood.

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              • Using an electric screwdriver, use four 2″x2″ flat brackets to add the top part of the frame to the side uprights.

                      Screw the frame to the bottom using four pieces of L bracket. Utilize sixteen 3.8″ wood screws to secure the brackets to the bottom piece of wood using two L brackets at each corner.

                      Do this to the front and back of the support piece and then screw the frame piece. Now is time to screw in the plywood from the back with the side covered with plastic facing the front of the frame.

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                • Staple the two pieces of chicken wire, one in the center, top, sides, and bottom and the second layer on the front of the frame.

                        Now position your frame where you want it and start adding the flowers to the wall using water tubes and insert them through the chicken wire at an angle with the stems facing down.

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                • Once the design is done, it is time to cover the mechanic and the frame with sheet moss.

                More Ideas For The Flower Wall Frame

                How To Make A Flower Wall | Complete Guide

                Go to a welder or a precision metal design company and show them the sketch of the frame you want them to make for you, including the measurements.

                They will ask you what will be the weight you will be using in there and how sturdy you want it to be so they can buy the suitable material.

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                I love to work with this company because while they are doing what they know, I can use that time to getting ready for the flower wall design.

                This frame would be a good idea to have circles made of metal to cover the entire wall on the back and front and weld them at an angle to ad flower’s bouquets or large flowers with water tubes.

                To cover the mechanics, drape the back with a fabric that matches the flowers’ color.

                Picking The Flowers

                How To Make A Flower Wall | Complete Guide

                Once you have a good idea of how you want your flower wall to look, you can choose the flowers that will make your vision a reality.

                If you need guidance on selecting the best flowers, then check out my article here to read more on the topic. To keep your flower wall not heavy, it is a good idea to order flowers that can last longer with a small water supply or not water at all.

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                Tropical flowers are great for this project. These flowers are anthurium, mini callas, orchids, pincushion, ginger, heliconia, and zingibers.

                Other flowers that we can incorporate are roses, carnations, baby’s breath, and hydrangeas but they must be put in the design last with a good water source.

                The beauty about hydrangeas is that you will finish the wall faster because this flower has a large head and it covers a lot of space.

                Greens, moss, and hanging amaranthus will look good as well with a few flowers. The selection of flowers depends on the area you will be using the flower wall and how long it must last.

                Be creative and start experimenting with flowers to choose the one that works for your project. Be sure to pick flowers that match your vision.

                Consider the size and shape of the focal, the type of filler flowers you will use, and the sort of greenery you will use. Do you want scented or unscented flowers?

                Use flowers that match the theme of your flower wall.

                What To Charge For A Flower Wall

                How To Make A Flower Wall | Complete Guide

                Ok, so now you have your flower wall ready, now what? If you are in the event industry and do not know what to charge for a flower wall, then it is essential to consider these factors.

                There are so many factors to consider when setting a price for your creativity because you are not selling flowers; you are creating experiences.

                • The size of the flower wall – Your flower wall will determine the number of supplies you will be using to complete it.

                         You will need more flowers and other supplies if you plan on making a more oversized flower wall. It is an excellent practice to keep this in consideration.

                  send flowers
                  • The types of flowers you are using- the kinds of flowers you will be using firmly determine your overhead when making a flower wall.

                           Some flowers will cost more than others depending on the variety. The type of flower, the season, where you buy your flowers from, and so on. The cost of supplies and materials, including flowers, the mechanics, greenery, etc.

                  • Your creativity, knowledge, and experience also play an essential role in charging for your work, and I want you to know clients don’t pay for service, they pay for results.

                  One of the essential variables to consider when pricing your flower wall is your client’s budget and tastes. Does your client have a low or high budget?

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                  Also, location, labor, transportation, supplies could be more or less expensive? Once you have taken all of these factors into consideration, you can properly set a price for your flower wall.


                  How To Make A Flower Wall | Complete Guide

                  Now that you know the proper steps to take when building a flower wall, you can start your project anytime confidently.

                  Always remember to practice and keep growing your designs creatively by exploring different ways to make your arrangements.

                  Remember to keep track of your tools and supplies for the next floral arrangement project. Good luck with making your flower wall, and remember, you can look at my designs for inspiration.

                  florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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