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How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

Whether for your next event or design, taking care of your flowers by keeping them fresh is an important task to consider. In this article we will be discussing how to keep flowers fresh.

Today, we will discuss how to thoroughly take care of your fresh flowers to last longer and look more vibrant in your event.

Choosing The Vessel

Be sure to choose the right vase for your fresh flowers. It is ideal to have a vase that is wide enough to hold all the stems.

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If the vase is too narrow and it appears that the fresh flowers had to be forced in there to fit the shape, then the flowers could easily be damaged because of the force they apply to each other while in the container.

Be sure your container is large enough so that your fresh flowers fit in orderly.

Putting Water In The Container

How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

Put water in your container to help refreshen the flowers. This greatly assists in helping the flowers last much longer.


How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

When you condition flowers, you are allowing water to be absorbed in the stem for a long period of time. Most of the time this period lasts overnight. As a result, your fresh flowers will appear crisper.

Conditioning allows your fresh flowers to last much longer.

How To Help Roses Open Faster

How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

When you receive roses, remove as many leaves as you need. Also, remove the thorns if there are any and cut at least two inches from the bottom of the stems.

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Place the roses in a container that has been previously cleaned, disinfected, and has flower food. If you are using a water bucket to condition your flowers, then make sure you do not put more than three bunches of 25 roses at once in that bucket.

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This will be 75 roses altogether. Otherwise, it will not open faster and may get bacteria because they are too close together.

Mini Calla Lilies’ Care

How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

Mini calla lilies love water, but we need to be very careful about the amount of water we put in the vase. The best way to care for your cut mini callas is to add a small amount of floral preservative to no more than two to two and a half inches of water and then mix it.

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Cut the mini calla lilies stems at least half an inch. Put them in the vase with the water making sure at least half-inch of the stem is in the water. Leave it overnight and then arrange them. 

 How To Care For Phalaenopsis Orchids

How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

Phalaenopsis comes in a flat box with cotton-like material that protects the stem. They have a water source in a water tube. Open the box, inspect the orchid and see the water levels.

If they have enough water, then leave the box in a room with the air condition at least 65 to 75 degrees so that they will feel in their habitat.

During the following day, recheck the box to see how they are doing.

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If you notice any orchids that need water, then you can add water at room temperature for at least an inch from the bottom of the stem and submerge the whole stem in water for at least a couple of hours or until when you see that it looks hydrated.

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Get it out of the water, place it in a vase with water, and use it when designing. Open the box of the phalaenopsis orchids and remove the cushioned material, re-cut the stems and start arranging.

This orchid looks delicate, but it lasts for at least two weeks once it is well hydrated. Remember you must check the water and if it needs to be changed, then go ahead and do it every two days.

Helping Your Peonies To Open Faster And Last Longer

How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

Clean the stems by removing some of the foliage. Cut the stems at least an inch and place them in a vase with lukewarm water and food preservative to avoid getting bacterias.

Place them away from the cold instead, and put them in a warm place, so the flowers bud open later.

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You will be amazed to see the magic happening in front of you when you see the blooms coming to life and how big they become. It is a delightful experience.

Dahlia flowers How To Make A Flower Wall types of vases
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Here is another tip from my personal experience, I do not practice it anymore, but it works for some designers. Cover your flowers, then let them enjoy the humidity.

This will help them open faster. This flower can last for two weeks if cared for properly. 

Tips: To perk up the flower, re-cut the stem at a sharp angle place it in a clean vase with a bit of sugar. 

The stems are cut at a sharp angle so the absorption of the water is better.

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If you want your peonies to not open until a day or when you start designing, then put them in water with a preservative after cutting the stems and placing them in the cooler.

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If you don’t have a cooler, then put them in a cold room with air conditioning at least sixty degrees. It worked for me for so many years.


How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

One of the easier flowers to care for. The stems are fragile but the flower itself is very durable. Cut the stems at a forty-five-degree angle, and place them in a clean bucket with water.

Place them in the cooler if you want to last longer, or leave them in a room with the air conditioner at fifty-five to sixty-five degrees.

Avoid having them exposed to direct sunlight and any source of heat.

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Tips: if you want to open the bloom more gently, then do so with your finger by pushing the petal back.

This flower is a long-lasting one if you properly care for them.  

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When inserting the stems in foams while designing, make sure to hold them from the very bottom to prevent them from breaking, then push them in the foam.


How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

This is such a beautiful and long-lasting flower, believe me. It looks delicate, but once it is hydrated, it may be the last flower to die in your design, even if you use foam.

When you get the ranunculus, give them a fresh cut at a forty-five-degree angle. That will help the flower to absorb more water, and if the water is a war not hot, it will hydrate the flower faster.

Place them in a water source with flower food and leave them in a room temperature area.

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Tips: Store your ranunculus upright so their stems don’t get a different form.

Keep the ranunculus away from any source of ethylene gas because they are very sensitive to it.

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Make sure to hydrate these flowers very well, so they keep opening. This flower is like peony and hydrangeas because they love water.


How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

This flower is very dedicated, but they are ways to re-hydrate them.

This is what I do when I receive my hydrangeas: I open the box to see if the water source is sufficient because they are shipped with a large water tube with water or a small plastic bag with water.

If all the stems have water, then close the box and storage them a room temperature because the plastic that covers the flower will help in adding moisture to the flower head.

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Just like the phalaenopsis orchid, if there is a flower that is wilted, then get it out of the box, remove the plastic, remove as many flowers as you need, cut an inch from the bottom of the stem, and place the whole flower in cold water and let it hydrate until you see the flowers alive again.

The day prior, when you start designing, get the flowers out of the box, remove the plastic, leaves, water source and give them a fresh cut at a 45-degree angle, then place them in a clean bucket with water and flower food. That is how easy it is to care for this flower.

 Tips: If you used foam to arrange your flowers, make sure to add water once you finish the design and put them in the cooler or in a rack in a cold room. 

The most important thing about working with this flower is to keep it happy by adding water.

Hydrangeas have a large head, so it is fast to arrange them in a centerpiece.

Always buy extra hydrangeas, because during transportation they can break or get damaged. When setting them up, you may need to replace a few, so they look fabulous.


How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

You don’t want organisms and bacteria infecting the stem of the flowers you are working with. These organisms block the flow of water through the stem.

In order to prevent this, you can put some bleach or some other flower preservative in the container where you are holding the flowers to eliminate these pesky organisms.

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You can fill the cap that comes with the bleach bottle with bleach and use this as a preservative if you like. This practice keeps the flowers lasting longer.

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You can find potent flower preservatives at the supermarket or online. The recommended way to do this is to put a quarter of a teaspoon of bleach in every one quart of water you use to place the flowers in.

Be sure to stir the combination for maximum effect.

Check on the flowers weekly, so they don’t gather up an unpleasant aroma. Be sure to replace the mixture after removing the old mixture by adding new water and stirring again.

Cut off a little piece of the stem at the bottom of the flower so that the flower can better absorb the liquid.

Cutting The Stem Regularly

How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

You must cut the stems routinely on a daily basis to keep your flowers as fresh as you can. When you cut the bottom of the stems on your fresh flowers, this allows the stem to absorb water, especially when the cut is made at an angle effectively.

It is best to cut at the stem at a 45-degree angle. Now that the flower can absorb water more potently it will age much better as you continue to take care of it.

Warm Water

How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

Be sure to place your fresh flowers in a container that holds warm water. Flowers quickly absorb warm water. When flowers are not put into water, they can not absorb water as easily when placed in the water later.

It is because organisms infect the end where the stem is cut. To solve this problem you can make another small cut, about one inch, that removes that part of the stem and creates a fresh opening for the flower to absorb water.

You may believe that all parts of the stem help absorb water, but the bottom absorbs the vast majority of the water.

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Be sure not to taint the water with the leaves and other foliage of the flowers. They will rot if left soaking in the water.

The flower’s lifespan will be shortened significantly if parts of the flower are left to rot. Try not to keep these parts of the flower submerged in water if you want longer-lasting flowers.

If you don’t need the foliage that may sink into the water, it is a good idea to just cut them off.

Try not to force too many flowers into one container. Doing this may damage the flowers because they are squashed together.

Another useful tip is to place the flowers in a dark, cool environment to help keep the flowers refreshed. It is preferable to also add a preservative to the water.

Keep The Wrapping Paper Removed

How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

If your flowers came with wrapping paper, then be sure to remove them as soon as possible to keep your flowers looking as fresh as they can.

This is because the wrapping paper can damage the flowers.


How To Keep Flowers Fresh | 30 Year Florist

In conclusion, you are now ready to make your fresh flowers last as long as possible. Now that you have read thoroughly on how to make fresh flowers stay fresh for a longer time, you can now improve the quality of your designs.

Your flowers will be ready to decorate any vessel you choose. Use this information to improve your or your client’s event. I hope this information has been helpful to you.

florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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