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12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

Hi, my name is Bisli Vazquez and today we will be discussing some of my favorite varieties of flowers which you can have in your wedding or other event. We will be talking about 12 common types of flowers including…

  • Carnation
  • Calla Lily
  • Rose
  • Tulips
  • Peony
  • Irises
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Gerberas
  • Alstroemerias
  • Orchid
  • Lisianthus
  • Lilies

I will be teaching you facts about every flower. There will also be pictures included so you can see how every flower would look in your event.

Use this article as a guide to decide which flowers to add in your arrangement or other designs. This guide will assist you in picking and choosing the right flowers to liven up your event and bring it up to be a fresh, delightful experience.

When reading this article, it is important you keep in mind the facts of these flowers such as when they are in season.

If you know when the flower you want is in season, then you can wait until that time to save money, as most flowers are more expensive when they are out of season.

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12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

Many people have heard of carnations, a native to Eurasia. Carnations bloom in the late springtime, usually around May.

The carnation is widely known as a popular choice among designers due to its visual appeal.

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They were not a popular choice for weddings, but now with all the new variety showcasing beautiful blooms and colors this flower is becoming popular again.

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These days it is not a popular choice but is the favorite to many. The carnation is used in various ways thanks to a large number of colors available.

The carnation’s unique look is due to the thinness of its pedals and how nature has perfectly ruffled the flower’s petals to give it a wild thickness to its appearance.

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Many Carnations have a small line coloring the perimeter of each pedal. Their colors can vary from purple, blue, green, grey, white, and red. Carnations represent love and distinction.

Bi-color carnations come in two color combinations: red and white, yellow and pink, white and a delicate pink edge in the petals, etc. Their ruffled petals make them very unique.

Calla Lily

12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

The Calla Lily is known for its magnificent trumpet blossoms and long stems. These flowers will normally bloom in the late spring and early summer.

The long stems make the Calla Lily perfect for tall flower arrangements to show off the beauty of the flower.

The mini Calla Lily comes in various distinct colors: orange, pink, mango orange, yellow, ivory, red, snow white, off-white, and purple.

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There are so many other colors, but these are the most popular. The mini calla lily is very popular for bridal bouquets.

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Standard calla is used mainly for centerpieces and different large designs. The most popular color for the standard calla lilies is white and off-white.

These flowers can not be put in a bucket with lots of water because their stem gets slimy. So a bit of water does the work.


12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

There is a great choice when it comes to roses. Roses are in bloom from late May to early Fall. The public eye sees the rose as a traditional favorite to many.

Roses are a symbol of love, gifts lovers give each other, and a valentine’s day crush’s surprise. There are a wide variety of different kinds of roses.

Some have a small petal count, others have more and some petals are stronger than others. They can vary by fragrance, color and size.

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The most popular colors of roses for weddings are pastel, blush, ivory, and white.

For some cultural and seasonal weddings, we see more bright colors like hot pink, orange, yellow, burn orange, copper, browns, reds, purples and greens. There are sweetheart, spray, garden, standard and the hybrid tea rose.


12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

Tulips are a native flower of central Asia. Tulips bloom from March to April. This flower is know for their perfect symmetrical buds.

Tulips come in 150 different species with over 3,000 different kinds of varieties. You can find these flowers in almost any color you want.

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Red Tulips symbolize true love, while purple represents loyalty. Use these flowers in any arrangement within your wedding or event to help amplify the beauty of the decorations.

You can use this popular flower in your arrangement as an excellent focal point that builds beauty to attract attention.


12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

With their elegant look, Peonies are perfect for enhancing the look of your wedding through their intricate style. Peonies bloom from late Spring to early Summer.

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This flower comes in almost every color, including blue. These beautiful flowers represent wealth and honor. Each peony flower can grow up to ten inches wide in diameter.

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Peonies have a unique fragrance that can add style to your event. These flowers will look great in any event. Match them with a unique color scheme to make your event appear stunning.

Fun Facts: Peony pedals are edible. The chinese name for Peonies, Sho Yu, means most beautiful.


12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

Irises make a perfect addition for any event. They improve the ambiance by permeating the air with a beautiful aesthetic.

Irises are meant to symbolize faith and purity. These flowers come in over 300 different species. Irises come in a variety of colors, including but not limited to purple, blue, orange, yellow, peach, white, and black.

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This flower however does not come in the color red. It is named after the greek word for rainbow. Most Irises originally come from Asia and Europe.

This flower’s stem can reach up to 9 to 36 inches in length.


12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

The Chrysanthemum’s stem can grow up to 2 to 6 inches in length. The flower grows up to 4 to 10 inches in diameter.

Chrysanthemums bloom from late Summer, Fall, and early Winter. This flower comes in a variety of colors including; yellow, purple, lavender, pink, red, bronze, burgundy, and white.

The Chrysanthemum grows in different ways. The bloom can look like the style of a pom pom or a daisy. The flower can survive up to two weeks in a vase, but the leaves tend to die much earlier.

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The Chrysanthemum grows in the late summer, fall, and early winter. Chrysanthemums are associated with joy, love, and optimism.

The chrysanthemum is a compound inflorescence. What this means is that the flowers consist of many individual flowers as it grows called florets.

Florets in the center of each individual flower are called disk florets. The petals that surround the center of the flower are called ray florets. The Chrysanthemum holds about 3-7 flowers per stem.

Fun Fact: The Chrysanthemum is used as a relaxant in Chinese medicine.


12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

Gerberas are known to be the fifth most popular cut flower in the world after roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, and carnations.

Gerberas bloom from early Spring through Autumn. They come in all varieties of colors except blue. These flowers can live in vases and containers for up to 14 days.

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The Gerbera’s size varies. The Gerbera can grow up to 1.6 inches to 4 inches. This flower is meant to represent innocence and beauty. They grow from early Spring to autumn.


12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

Alstroemerias are also known as Peruvian Lillies. These flowers are known to bloom in the Summer. Many but not all variations of this flower contain striped pedals.

If you want to make an arrangement that is absent of any smell or fragrance, then I would recommend considering the alstroemeria because it lacks a scent.

Alstroemerias grow in about 50 different species. These flowers are known to be fresh for about two weeks. This flower’s trumpet like shape will be sure to enhance any arrangement that it is a part of.

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This flower can grow up to three feet tall. This flower symbolizes devotion and optimism.

Fun Fact: The Alstroemeria is named after swedish botanist Baron Klaus Van Alstroemer.


12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

Orchids are widely used as a popular option for the focal point in bridal bouquets. Orchids grow during summer and bloom during the Spring, Fall, or Winter.

Orchids are known for their fragrance, form, and beauty. Orchids are a symbol that represents beauty and luxury. Orchids are my favorite flowers because they are elegant, and many of them last longer than many people think.

My favorite orchids for wedding decor are phalaenopsis, vanda, extra-long pure white dendrobium from Panama, mokara, and cymbidium.

This orchid can cost you from $24.95 and up per stem. There are other orchids like dendrobium that can cost $2 per stem and it depends on the variety.


12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

Lisianthus bloom in the late summer. The bell shape of this flower makes it stand out in arrangments. Consider using this flower as a unique part of the focal in your designs.

The Lisianthus flower grows up from 19 to 29 inches tall. There are also some smaller varieties that grow from 6 to 8 inches tall.

This flower’s name is derived from the Greek word lysis which means dissolution and anthos, which means flower.


12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

Lillies bloom from early Summer to Fall. If you remove the pollen from the center of the Lily then they will remain fresh longer.

This is a good measure to take in order to prevent the event of staining from occurring on the pedals.

Most species of Lillies do not contain a fragrance, however if you desire to have a Lilly with a fragrance, then I would recommend considering White Lily and Tiger Lily.

Lillies represent pride and confidence. This flower can grow up to 2 to 6 feet in length. Lillies can be covered with freckles.

Where To Buy These Flowers

12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

Now that you have a good range of flowers to put into your arrangements, you can use your newfound knowledge to make new combinations of flowers for your designs.

If you do not know where to start in your search for these flowers, then I would recommend a local flower farm, online store, local supermarket or one my sponsors (located on the banners on my blog pages including this one).


12 Common Types Of Flowers | Complete Guide

Now that you know more about a large variety of flower options to choose from for your big day, you can pick and choose the right ones with confidence.

Remember to keep your flowers fresh as long as possible. Mix and match different flowers in this list to improve your design skills and get inspired to improve your art.

Practice makes perfect so remember to continue making arrangements and studying to improve your decorations.

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