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8 Step Guide To Flower Foods | Everything You Need To Know

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8 Step Guide To Flower Foods |

Everything You Need To Know

Flower foods, an item every florist needs. Today you will be learning the process of selecting and buying flower foods, even making your own. In this article, you will discover what flower food is. This blog will help educate you on your decision down the road on which flower foods you should purchase. We will also be writing about how to determine which flower foods are suitable for some flowers. Finally, we will discuss where to buy flower foods.

There other alternatives to commercial floral and what are the ingredients in flower food.

I am the CEO of an event service firm, Bisli Event Services LLC. I am also a published author of my book “Never The Mother Of The Bride.” With an introduction by the world-famous David Tutera, star of the hit show My Fair Wedding on WE Tv.

I am a Wedding planner, floral designer, event designer, speaker, and Luxury celebrations coach for almost three decades. I also have done events for celebrities such as Barak Obama.

What Is Flower Food?

We must first discuss the purpose and function of flower foods before you can navigate your way to purchasing the one that works for you and will help keep your flowers lasting fresh much longer. Flower foods come in a variety of brands. You can also make your own.

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The job of flowers food is to help the flowers open and keep them hydrated by lowering the Ph, which helps keep the water and food conducting system in the flowers working at maximum efficiency. Either commercial or homemade will work; all you need to do is give them a trial before you invest in buying large quantities.

Why Use Flower Food

Let’s talk about where everything starts and where it will end. Flowers go through a complex process before getting to their last destination. The flowers are harvested at the farm. They then get clean, hydrated and processed for shipping. The next stop will be the distribution center. They get hydrated again to be shipped to the wholesalers and often go to auction. So they have to be looking their best.

Many distribution companies buy flowers through an auction. Some flowers are left in their original boxes, and those that need to have a drink of water get treated with flower food. The flowers get shipped to the wholesalers. Then they get processed and put in flower buckets with water and flower food to be hydrated after a long journey.

From the wholesaler, they then go to the retailers. The flowers must have deep handling and care to be pampered. This is so they get to their final destination looking their best. It is crucial that the cleaning and conditioning be done with so much love and dedication that the retailers will process the flowers for the last time. Suppose they will use it for events, then they should be able to last a couple more days after the event looking fantastic in their final destination.

The addition of flower food is necessary to elongate their life a bit. If their final destination is a loving home, their new owners may care for them to enjoy their flowers as long as possible. Adding a mini bag of flower food and explaining how to use it is essential. Flower food plays such an indispensable role in the flower’s chain of life.

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I want you to know that in the 21 century the flowers sometimes don’t have to be hydrated so much, because you can buy flowers directly from the farms and their life span is longer.


Making The Flower Food

Let’s talk about making your own flower foods and what else some people use to extend the life of their flowers. Get a small container or a bottle and mix your ingredients in there. Add sugar, water, and a few drops of bleach. Shake or stir vigorously and let it rest for a few minutes before adding it to the water.

Let’s try another recipe that involves lemon, water, and aspirin. Depending on the number of flowers you have, you can decide how many aspirins and lemons to add. Usually, we have five aspirins for a gallon of water and lemon. You don’t want to be too acidic.

Here are two recipes we often use: a tablespoon of bleach to a clean bucket half full of water or a spoon full of sugar added to the water with a few drops of bleach. Mix it and let it rest for a few minutes before adding it to the bucket with water.

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Sometimes all you need is a clean and disinfected container with clean water. Let me remind you again how you clean this container. First add anti-bacterial soap and add three spoons of bleach. Wear hand acrylic gloves to protect your hands and a face mask to avoid getting dizzy and protect your health. It can be powerful, but it is very effective against killing bacteria and keeps your flowers healthy. This is what we have been doing for almost three decades and we have so many compliments on our flowers.

What Are The Ingredients In Flower Food?

The commercial version of flower food is nothing but citric acid, sugar, and bleach. Many people like to use a homemade kind and others like the one in the little bags or buckets. This all depends on how busy you are. If you own a flower shop, then buying this product by the box with individual small packages will be good. Include it with the delivery or with the pick up so your clients will have this available to condition their flowers so they can enjoy them for a few more days.

If you are a floral designer, then the best choice will be buying it by the bucket. This is so you save some money. Most of the time floral designers process large quantities of flowers. We need to condition them and let them drink water with food to make them long-lasting.

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How To Use Flower Foods

Let’s talk about what you do when you receive your flower. The first thing you must do is clean your bucket with soap and bleach to help reduce the bacteria. This combination may kill at least 99.9% of the bacteria.

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The bucket is disinfected and ready to have some clean water. Depending on the flower you are working with, determine the amount of water needed to be added to the bucket. Once you add the water to the bucket, it is time to put the flower food and stir it until it is thoroughly mixed.

Let’s learn what to do before adding the flowers to the water bucket.

Now is the time to start cleaning your flowers. Remove as many leaves as necessary to avoid them from getting in the water and attract bacteria. Then allow them to absorb more water. After the leaves are removed,  if there are thorns or other unnecessary things that need to be removed, then this is the moment to do it.

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Let’s cut at least two inches from the stem with a sharp knife and put the flowers’ stems in the clean and disinfected buckets with water and flower food. It is necessary to leave them to be hydrated for at least one day. The longer the better, but be conscious that you need to check your flowers to see how they are reacting to this conditioner and also to see if the water is clean or needs to be changed.


How To Determine Which Flower Food Is Suitable For The Flowers You Are Working With

You will need to determine which flower food best fits your purpose depending on the flowers you are using. You can begin by reading the reviews on products you believe would be good candidates for your final decision. If you are new to the floral design industry, then it is a good practice to buy the brand of flower food that has the highest reviews while still satisfying the purpose you want it for, specific to the flower.

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Another thing you can do is, at least a couple of months before your event, buy a few of those flowers you will be working with and experiment with them. Ask the wholesaler, florist, or wherever you buy your flowers from if they have flower foods included with the flowers. If they do, ask if they have different brands. If this service is not available, then ask them for their recommendation to buy.

Go ahead and buy at least three brands and try them. Don’t forget to follow the instructions given to you in cleaning your flowers and what to do so they will last longer.


Where To Buy Flower Foods

You can purchase flower foods from your nearest supermarket. It is good that you shop around first and choose where to buy based on your due diligence. Let me give you five places where you can purchase flower food besides the supermarket.

  • Flower Shops
  • Flower Wholesaler
  • Amazon
  • Flower Accessories And Supply Stores
  • Art And Hobby Stores
  • Online Flower Shops

The Best Flower Foods For You To Buy

In closing, now that you have all this knowledge you need to start shopping for flower foods, you can now shop for the supplies you need for your arrangement with much more ease. Use this information to make the best decision on what product to buy.

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Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is to improve the condition of your flowers. Learn and practice until you become a master in conditioning, caring for your flowers, and adding the correct quantity of flower food. So the PH of the water is perfect for your flowers. They will last longer and look fantastic. The more you practice, the better you get. Don’t forget that practice makes masters, so don’t stop and always be resourceful to master your craft.

Suppose you like to buy the most popular floral food but don’t know which one to buy from the so many choices available. Depending on your circumstances, the preferred product for your specific situation varies. Here are two examples of the flower food brands that are the most popular. After researching and trying which one works the best for the flowers you will be designing, you can decide.

  • Floralife: this is available in liquid, mini bags, quick deep and buckets
  • Crystal: comes in mini packages, liquefied, and buckets

Several other great floral foods are available, but the two listed above are the most popular within the floral industry. As I mentioned before, try several and decide the one you like to work with the most. Let us know if you want to read more content like this. We appreciate your comments.


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I am the CEO of an event service firm, Bisli Event Services LLC. I am also a published author of my book “Never The Mother Of The Bride.” With an introduction by the world-famous David Tutera, star of the hit show My Fair Wedding on WE Tv.

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