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Hello today we will be discussing how to purchase the right flowers for your wedding in our articel “Flower Buying Online”. Sit down with your partner to discuss what sorts of decor and designs you want in your event.

You will need to examine which florists to choose, how you want to entertain your guests and other things to consider. This blog aims at helping you maximize your potential when expressing your creativity in unique ways you did not consider before.

You will need to consider your budget, which colors you want, and the style you want.

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Flower Buying Online | Everything You Need To Know

With your budget determined, you can now begin to shop around for your favorite flowers. It is essential to know your budget before considering
to shop around so that you don’t commit to something that causes you to compromise your budget.


Flowers Buyer’s Guide | Everything You Need To Know

Now that you have your budget organized, it is time to discuss your venue. Your venue determines how your designs fit with the overall atmosphere. You must consider the size of the venue.

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Start writing about the number of guests you intend to invite in your journal and determine if the space is too small or too big to accommodate your guests and your decorations.

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You must consider details such as the ceiling height if you intend on hanging ceiling floral treatments. Will you have a 20 ft tall ceiling with 1/2 foot ceiling treatments hanging from it?

You must consider the big overall question: do your designs fit in proportion to the size of the venue you desire?

This includes centerpieces, tables, chairs, the stage, dance floor, and room decor. Location is also important to consider. Will you have to transport all of your purchases over 200 miles away?

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If so, consider hiring a moving company with a few workers. Consider the possibilities of damaged arrangements due to the length of the drive.


Flower Buying Online | Everything You Need To Know

Whether you know much or little about wedding decor and what makes flower arrangements look beautiful, you should search for a professional floral designer if you do not intend to do the decorations yourself.

A floral designer will guide you through every step of the process. They will give you much information regarding which flowers are more expensive than others, which ones are scented, and which ones make the best focal flowers.

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They will know which flowers are popular. More importantly, the best florists or designers can give you potent advice as to how you can navigate through the process of designing an arrangement.

Be sure to read the reviews of the florists or designers you are interested in. It is good practice to pick three of your favorite florists and screen them from there.

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It would help if you asked questions like whether or not they have pictures of their designs, how many years you have been in business, and if they require a contract to be hired.

You can find many florists online or simply by asking friends that already used one before for their event. When you are shopping for a florist, they can give you advice on how to get discounts on your fresh flowers.

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Flower Buying Online | Everything You Need To Know

If your florist can not inspire you to choose or create some amazing floral designs, then it is a good opportunity to find inspiration elsewhere.

You can search online for wedding decorations, you can look at pictures of my best designs, or you can look in magazines to find ideas on the best flower decorations.

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Flower Buying Online | Everything You Need To Know

Now you can start choosing the right colors for your event’s flowers. It varies on your personal taste and experience. It is a fascinating experience to have as you can match the colors of your flowers to the color of your other decors, such as your light and linen composition.

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Be sure to ask your florist anything you need if you have trouble making the correct choice on your color palette.

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Flower Buying Online | Everything You Need To Know

You will want to start inquiring as to what kind of flowers you want in your bouquet. You can choose a wide variety of flowers and designs. It all depends on your taste and what is available for you.

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Broaden your options with research. Your bouquet will be one of the focal points of your wedding ceremony. Your guests will be looking at it for its beauty and form.

Some of the famous flowers for your bouquet are:

1- Roses come in several colors, shapes, textures and sizes. Let’s talk about three of the most used roses for bridal bouquets so that you know what roles they play in your bouquet.

  • Garden roses are focal flowers for the size of their head as well as because of the texture and form of this flower. They also have a sweet aroma. Garden roses come in several colors, sizes, and shapes as well.
  • Standard roses are the most popular for its size and price. It is also easy to work with. It complements the garden rose because they don’t compete.
  • Spray rose is a mini rose with a few buds in one stem and they are excellent to finish the bouquet because of its common use to fill up the empty spaces and add movement as well as texture to your bouquet.                
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2. Orchids are among the most luxurious flowers for wedding bouquets. They earn the price charged for their beauty. Below you are going to see three of the most popular orchids for wedding bouquets.

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  • The most popular wedding bouquet is phalaenopsis orchids because the stem is long and has about six to ten flowers. The beauty of these flowers is that, with five stems, you can make a bouquet.

          This orchid comes in several colors, but the most popular is white.

  • Vanda this is another stunning orchid. This orchid looks fabulous in a bouquet composed of only this orchid. You can mix different colors as well, or you can incorporate them within the bouquet.
  • Dendrobium is a beautiful orchid because of the form of its flowers. The stem is long but rigid for some of this types of this flower and more flexible for other types.

         When I need to work with extra-long orchids, I love to work with the one from Panama they called magnum. It is extra white and very flexible.

3-Mini calla lillies, a waxy finish with a flexible stem and the beauty of its flower in a trumpet form. They come in several colors having white as the most looked for in bridal bouquets.

This flower can be arranged by itself to look stunning or have them in your bridal bouquet. Below I will talk about the favorites of the brides.

  • Crystal white is one the most popular mini callas in the white spectrum. There are so many whites, but crystal has that extra white. That makes this flower catch the attention of the brides that love mini Calla Lillies.
  • Mango mini calla is super popular for fall weddings because of its rustic orange color. It looks incredible by itself as a posy or in a cascading bouquet.
  • Blushing Bride mini calla – Its pink and white bicolor makes the list of the bride’s favorite. The bride that loves pink goes with this, especially for its name.
Dahlia flowers How To Make A Flower Wall types of vases
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4- I will talk about three colors that are favorites in this industry. Ranunculus’s beauty and texture of its head make this flower one of the primary choices for wedding bouquets.

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They come in so many beautiful colors and sizes. What would you love about this flower?

I say everything because it opens so beautifully. Best of all is that the best care will last for at least three weeks and, when this flower is fully open, it is a treat to see.

  • White as always is the #1 one choice for many brides. If you want to see value in these flowers, then use its bud within the bouquet to add movement to it.

         This flower is great to be incorporated in your bridal bouquet. You can also arrange them by themselves, but to have a fuller bouquet make sure they open the largest they can. This is so you do not need to buy so many bunches.

  • Ranunculus’ Hanoi. This pink flower with ethereal petals is that one flower that is popular among brides that love blush flowers. Its romantic color will be an asset for any bride who chooses the ranunculus Hanoi.

        You can carry a lavish bridal bouquet using this flower alone or in combination with other flowers. 

  • I want to write about a color combination for fall weddings. The orange, red and yellow, will make the perfect composition for a centerpiece with ranunculus only or used with other flowers.

Ask your designer to guide you to choose these colors to get the right tone and shade of orange and yellow because, if the colors are lighter, it will look like a spring wedding.

5- Anthurium- This flower is from the tropic, perfect for a summer wedding outdoor. This flower has become so popular in the last three years to have it in the floral design industry.

The waxy finish and the flat form of the flower make it very eye-catching. So if you are looking to incorporate an exotic bloom into your centerpieces, then this will be a great choice.

You will talk to your florist about your bouquet styles as well. There are three colors that will look beautiful in your bouquet and centerpieces

  • Anthurium peachcicle – Its texture and the peach color with hints of green make this color a popular choice for a fabulous spring bouquet.

         Straightforward and minimalist, using three to five flowers. Ask your florist what style would compliment your dress and your body form and high.

  • White Lady is pure white with a wash of blush is a unique color combination for weddings. You can choose a posy made with this color or you can mix it with blush or any other color because anthurium has a rainbow of colors. Your choice is ample.
  • I will give you other examples of anthuriums colors for the wedding. This is so you have a good choice to make when you meet with your florist or floral designer.

         Orange, dark red, and brown for autumn weddings, while the pastel colors look perfect for a spring wedding. Dark pink, yellow, and green are excellent choices for summer weddings and all shades of reds, dark greens, and gold for Christmas winter weddings.

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The purpose of the meeting with your florist or floral designer is to talk about your centerpieces, overall design with flowers, and personal flowers including the ones for the bridal party and immediate family.


Flower Buying Online | Everything You Need To Know

In conclusion, now that you know where to start your journey on buying the best flowers and designs you can, you can begin to learn more and more and explore a wide variety of options.

Enjoy picking out your favorite designs with your chosen flowers and their colors. Enjoy the process and how it will all come together when your big day arrives.

florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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