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Hi, my name is Bisli Vazquez on your wedding flower decoration for your big day. First, a little about myself. I am the CEO of an event service firm, Bisli Event Services LLC. I am also a published author of my book “Never The Mother Of The Bride.” I also am the author of multiple wedding decor courses online.

The Centerpiece

The centerpiece is one of the top decorations that are more used today in weddings.

Starting with the guest’s tables, they can be tall and majestic or small and luxe, but every wedding needs to have centerpieces to enhance the tables’ personality. If they are tall, it will also help to decorate the ballrooms with stunning designs.

Centerpieces in events are essential, so when the guests arrive, they have the illusion of a well-spread décor. What we do in real life is make lush and tall centerpieces to create that illusion. When having tall and elegant centerpieces, there is no need to add much décor around the room. Adding candlelight will complete the look.

When there is a celebration and no flowers on the table, it looks unfinished and boring; flowers add life to the table and make the whole atmosphere welcoming.

The Waterfall:

The name of this table design came from the inspiration of waterfalls in nature. A waterfall displays flowers well-arranged, running through the center of the table and expanding to the floor. It can be made of just flowers, with no texture, or green if that is what you want. A client must decide the flowers and size.

Check out my blog on “designing your floral arrangement” if you want to learn more about creating the perfect floral arrangements.

Grand Entrances

Grand entrances are where the guests love to hang out because the beautiful flowers that decorate the door create a feeling of calm serenity. Decorations popular to make the grand opening are large urns with branches and flowers, vines, columns with flowers, arches, large trees with flowers. The decoration depends on what you or your clients want to achieve.

Flowers are used to decorate abundance with just a sprinkle of flowers or vice versa. Green has been the flower for weddings for a few years already. The romantic look of flowers in different shapes, sizes, and colors is still powerful, especially to decorate grand entrances.

Table Runners

Table runners look like the waterfall, but it does not go to the floor because it runs through the center of the table. This floral centerpiece is low, and therefore it does not interfere with the guests’ view and has an abundance of flowers.

There are many times the runner also has green /tor) is made just with greenery. The beauty of the runner is that it can make it with an individual vase or in two or more vases. It has to do with the size of the table.

The Registration Table and The Bar

The registration table or the sign-in is what most guests see when they enter your event. The table decoration Is perhaps with a tree made with flowers, branches, flowers, or a natural tree.

These designs are also in the middle of the bar. There is lots of space in the bar area. Using décor will help make that area more attractive to the guests to stay around the bar longer.

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Entry Arches and Columns

Arches, columns, or any other large structure are perfect for decorating with flowers to adorn the entrance of a ceremony or reception.

In many countries around the world, designing a stage with many blooms is a priority. It becomes the main focal point, the part of the décor that grabs the viewer’s attention the most. So, to make this décor grand gazebos, arches, columns and other floral pieces look perfect because it has to be appreciated from far away.  This installation is beautiful and super large and requires lots of time to make sure it is safe.

Ceiling Treatments

Ceiling treatment is a great design, especially when it is high and needs to make it look lower. For example, brides with a significant budget to spend on their big day love to add flowers to the Ceiling. Many times they the flowers they add in their event are real fresh flowers.

For the Ceiling, use a mix of permanent botanicals and fresh flowers, or just permanent botanicals. It all depends on the weather, the time, the budget, or the customer’s vision. It can be a large installation that will need a day or two to be correctly and securely, so it does not cause any significant accidents.

Hanging Chandeliers

When the budget is restricted, then you can go for smaller chandeliers with flowers decorated on them to hang over the dance floor. They can be in different levels, so it looks attractive. Mainly there is a structure that will hold the flowers in midair, and it gives the illusion as if they are floating. These decorations require a professional rigging company to make sure they will stay and don’t fall.

Floral Accents

-Floral accents to decorate the chairs back, there are many occasions when the customer wants flowers everywhere, even on the chair. A small bouquet will often do that, but there are times that a large swag or garland is what they want, so it all depends on what the budget can buy.

Room Decor

Room décor can be columns of flowers, large floral pieces of floral trees strategically placed throughout the room; you see this type of design mostly when they have a theme such as an enchanted forest or the garden of Versailles.

These themes require a very detailed design with a significant number of flowers and green. Imagine creating three of these flowers from scratch. That would be a lot of work, but the satisfaction is more outstanding.

In conclusion, there are many designs in your event that will include flowers that will enhance the event’s personality. There are a wide variety of designs to choose from to place in your event. It all depends on your taste as to which designs you will put in your event and how.

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