florist planning tools types of vases
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Hi, my name is Bisli Vazquez, and today we will be discussing the perfect florist tools for you to get started in floral decor. This guide is meant to be a thorough walkthrough of the tools you will need for floral design.

You will be able to shop and use these tools with confidence on any arrangement.

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What Is A Tool?

Florist Tools | Everything You Need To Know

A tool is an object that can extend an individual’s ability to modify features of the surrounding environment. I am sharing what tools are essential to us as florists. We do not need to have too many tools.

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I have two types of floral knifes, a disposable one and a regular folding knife. I use a sharp ribbon shear if I need to cut ribbons, a clipper, a wire cutter, floral scissors, pruning shear, a guillotine flower bunchcutter, and a secateur.

These are enough for me, and I keep them very sharp and clean.
Cutting tools are not the only tools you will need to succeed. You need knowledge because it is a powerful tool.

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Even if you do not have the experience, knowledge will help start on a positive note. Always be ready to learn. On the following pages you will find a few samples of cutting tools and other tools.

You will also find a list of some tools that will make your work easier.

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Crowning Glory

Florist Tools | Everything You Need To Know

Crowning Glory is used for hydrating fresh flowers and making them last longer. It helps make the water your fresh flowers absorb last longer by helping them absorb moisture.

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All you have to do to achieve this is to spray crowning glory on your flowers.

Floralife Crystal Clear Flower Food

Florist Tools | Everything You Need To Know

Crystal Clear Flower Food has the ability to provide nutrients to your fresh flowers. This is done by assisting with the uptake of water within the flower.

It has high reviews on Amazon, and I recommend it to use it as a flower preservative. Flowers can remain fresh and in great condition for up to three to four weeks.

Be sure to use Crystal Clear with clean water. Also, remember to replace the water. This preservative helps keep fresh flowers lasting longer and looking just as good, and it helps keeps the water clean by killing bacteria that would otherwise damage the flower.

Alum Powder

Florist Tools | Everything You Need To Know

Alum powder is perfect for Hydrangeas. Alum Powder keeps your Hydrangeas from wilting. Immediately after you cut the bottom of your hydrangea, dip your hydrangea into alum powder and arrange.

This tool helps hydrate and nourish your flowers, helping them open properly. This works in floral foam and vase arrangements. This product helps keep the flowers fresh for three to four weeks.

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This is a florist must-have for keeping your hydrangeas from wilting. Once your hydrangea are re-cut, dip them directly into alum powder and arrange.

Dahlia flowers How To Make A Flower Wall types of vases
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Florist Tools | Everything You Need To Know

You will need buckets to hold water and flowers while they absorb food and preservatives which make them last longer. Containers with narrow openings are not effective at keep flowers looking their best.

This is because they causing too much damage to each other by being so close to one another. Be sure to shop around for the best buckets for your needs.

You may need to buy multiple buckets if you are working with many flowers.


Florist Tools | Everything You Need To Know

Depending on which container you prefer to use, you will want to have some vases. They keep your arrangments looking good and they hold your flowers in the finished product. See my article on the different kinds of vases you can have in your event.

Vases come in a variety of styles and shapes. Choose the one that best fits your designs and dream decorations.

If you are using chicken wire, be sure to choose the one that has the perfect size opening for your vision so you can place the exact amount of flowers the way you intended.

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Make sure also that the vase you purchase is tall enough to hold the stems if you prefer to leave your flower stems long.

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Floral clay

Florist Tools | Everything You Need To Know

Before I start my designs I make sure everything we will be using is safe to be on the table. Tall floral centerpieces are one of the items I focus on to make sure nobody gets hurt in case of an accident.

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Safety is a must in my company. That is why I recommend securing the flower’s dishes to the vase or vessel you are using to put your floral design.

I like to use white floral clay for safety because it is strong. It glues the flowers’ dishes to the vase to stay in place. Please don’t put a large piece of clay because it will be harder to separate them at the end of the event.

florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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Florist Tools | Everything You Need To Know

If you intend to have long stems in your flowers, you may want to amplify the beauty of your design by adding a ribbon around the stems. This is great for bridal bouquets and other designs.

Be sure to buy ribbons long enough so that they can fully wrap around the decoration.

Floral Foam

Florist Tools | Everything You Need To Know

Floral Foam is great for your floral designs. Use this to easily place your cut flower stems and make a more beautiful arrangement. Cut your stems at a 45-degree angle to more effectively place them inside the floral foam.

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You can cut floral foam to any shape you want and place it inside the opening of one of your vases or containers.

You can then hold it in place in the opening with some floral tape and then you will be ready to place your flowers in the floral foram. The great thing about floral foam is that you can soak it in water for your flowers to remain fresh and hydrated when placed inside the foam.

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Be sure to properly soak your floral foam slowly in water if you intend to do this. This product is excellent for many purposes and ideas. I use it all the time and strongly recommend learning how to use it to improve your event and arrangements.

If you are designing with fresh flowers, then I suggest fresh flower foam as it is one of the most popular mechanics. It holds the flowers in place and, at the same time, helps to keep the flowers hydrated so they last longer.

This floral foam holds water. If you want it to be 100% saturated in water, then never force it underwater because there will be dry spots. Your flowers will not last long because of the lack of water.

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Just put the foam in a container large enough with water and place it in without forcing it to get saturated in water. There are several shapes and sizes available. You can also make sculptures with it.

Floral Tape

Florist Tools | Everything You Need To Know

People often ask me what is keeping my design from falling? You will need adhesive waterproof floral tape. We can’t fully secure the foam to hold your floral design in place without this item. They come in several colors such as green, white and transparent.

They also come in different widths. This tape secures many types of mechanics because it is made with the toughest of cloth fibers woven into it and contains a maximum level of adhesiveness.

It keeps the mechanic together. For example, if you use a vase with water, then you can build a grid out of tape to design with because it is also waterproof.


Florist Tools | Everything You Need To Know

If you are making such arrangements as a bouquet, you will be assisted greatly by pins. If you intend to use ribbons in your designs, you can place pins in your ribbons to hold them in place.

Just remember to place your pin facing the inside of your arrangments at an angle so as not to hurt anyone handling the flower arrangement. Pins help place the perfect finishing touches on many arrangements and are a must-have for many designs.

Chicken Wire

Florist Tools | Everything You Need To Know

Chicken wire can be used to properly place flowers in an arrangement. To better illustrate this, imagine placing a metal square grid on top of the opening of a vase.

Once this is done, you can hold it into place with floral tape on the side of the vase. You can place flower stems in each individual grid. You can more effectively cut chicken wire with wire cutters.

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Chicken wire is a good substitute for floral foam. Depending on how you like to place flowers in your arrangement, you might prefer chicken wire over floral foam.

Suppose you plan to design a large floral piece using branches and other heavy and thick floral stems. In that case, we recommend using chicken wire to add extra support to your design.

Also, when we make a foam-free design chicken wire is a must so the flowers and greens have the support needed. Making garlands with wet foam is best if you use chicken wire.

Thus, wire is excellent when making floral sculptures. It is excellent for bridal bouquet designs. It is a top-rated mechanic for many different design styles.

Many times chicken wire can be shown as part of the design. When you do that, it becomes a design element instead of just a mechanic.

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Florist Tools | Everything You Need To Know

In closing, now you have a little more idea of what tools you will need to start building your inventory. It will be a great idea to practice once you receive them so you get familiar with them.

If you have any questions, please, email me at Thank you for checking out my blog. I know you will enjoy your event much more filling your time up educating yourself on the various topics surrounding event design.

We have even more content for you to enjoy and learn even more tips about event design and decor.

florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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