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Boutonniere DIY | By A 30 Year Florist

Whether for your wedding, date night, prom, or any other event, boutonnieres make a good statement that appeals to your guests and audience. You can use their beauty and look for many occasions such as proms. After reading this article on how to make a boutonniere diy, you will be ready to start making your own boutonniere.

Practice your DIY skills with our guide on how to make a boutonniere. They are quick, easy, and simple to arrange with just a few tools and supplies. In this guide, we will be reviewing how to make a boutonniere using the following steps…

*How to envision your design
*Tools and supplies you will need
*Arranging your boutonniere
*what to charge for a boutonniere

By the end of this guide, you will have the knowledge and confidence to begin arranging your boutonniere today.

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How To Envision Your Design

Boutonniere DIY | By A 30 Year Florist

When making a boutonniere, it is good to consider the color scheme of your arrangement. Make sure to include the right combination of colors in your boutonniere that will give it the flair it needs.

If you need inspiration, then check out my designs and look up some plans on google. To make your vision a quality arrangement, then you should choose the best flowers for your boutonniere.

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If you do not know where to start selecting the right flowers, check out our article here. Make sure you pick the right focal flower to optimize the look of your boutonniere.

For example, a Dahlia focal flower might be preferable for your design to a Tulip focal. Some filler flowers would look better in your boutonniere than other fillers.

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It all depends on your taste and overall goal when designing your boutonniere. Make sure you take your time to shop around for suitable greenery to add to your boutonniere as well if you decide to put greenery in your arrangement.

Once you have completed your vision for your boutonniere, then we can discuss what tools and supplies you will need to create your project.

Tools And Supplies You Will Need

Boutonniere DIY | By A 30 Year Florist

Now that you have your vision ready for your boutonniere, you can begin to gather the right tools and supplies to start your arrangement.

Be sure to shop around for the right supplies to ensure that you maintain the quality of your boutonniere arrangement.

*Floral Tape – The traditional way to make boutonnieres requires floral adhesive tape. It is essential to wrap the stems of the flower and add greenery or other accessories to become one piece. This tape, when stretched, releases a unique adhesive to keep all the parts together.

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*Ribbon – Some florists and floral designers use ribbon in the boutonnieres, but the majority do not do that. It depends on the client’s preference. Some gentlemen do not like having ribbons.

If you do incorporate ribbon, then it should be good to use 1/16″ or 1/8″ as not to overpower the flower.

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*Floral Stem Wire – The most popular gauges of wire used to make boutonnieres are #28 and #32 to support the flowers. There are a few ways to add the wire to the flowers, but today we will write about the traditional way to do it.

After cutting the stem to about an inch or shorter, pierce two pieces of wire through two sides of the stem forming a cross (+), folding it down the stem and securing with adhesive floral tape.

Then use a wire cutter to cut the excess wire, and cover any exposed wire with floral tape adhesive to finish it. This wire gives extra support to the stem of the flower.

*Cardboard – Cardboard is used to make pocket boutonnieres

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*Glue – There are several types of glue that help you add flowers and details to the boutonniere. Here are three of my favorite. Pillow glue is a glue that looks like a small pillow.

You will need a small electric pan to melt it. there is also oasis floral glue. This glue is a cool glue and is very well known in the industry and is my favorite fabric tac glue. This glue drys super fast and does not damage the flowers.

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*Focal Flowers – Traditionally, boutonnieres are composed of one flower and one or two leaves. Still, times have changed and numerous flowers are used to make boutonnieres.

It can be made with a few smaller flowers in different sizes. For example, if the client requests a pocket boutonniere, it will be perfect for this style. We can incorporate several lightweight flowers, have one or two as the focal flower.

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For example, a ranunculus that is not fully open and smaller versions of this flower, including the buds. Add two small pieces of hanging amaranthus and a few seeded eucalyptus leaves.

In this design, the flowers are glued to a covered part of cardboard. If you go with the wire techniques, you will need to wire all the flowers individually, glue details, and cover the stems with floral adhesive tape.

*Filler flowers – Fillers are tiny flowers used to add texture and movement to the boutonnieres. Some of these flowers are; baby’s breath, german statice, fiddlehead fern, heather, lily of the valley, Queen Ann lace, stephanotis, sweet peas, and bouvardia.

*Greenery – Some foliages do well without water and are more petite to accent the flower in the boutonniere. When selecting the greenery, make sure it last without water.

Some of the foliage I have found to work well in boutonnieres are eucalyptus, Italian and Israeli ruscu, boxwood, lemon leaf, & myrtle and olive.

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To add greenery to the flower, add a 32 gauge wire by piercing the leaf closer to the stem, cover the wire with floral tape, and add it to the flower by using adhesive floral tape.

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*Boutonniere pin or magnet – The most well-known method of pinning the boutonniere is with a boutonniere pin. They are almost half the corsage pin’s size and have a smaller head.

The most popular is the pin with a blackhead because it hides very well with the black Tux or suit. Pearl and white head boutonniere pins are also other choices.

There is a magnetic mechanism that helps put the boutonniere faster on the lapel, and it also has a firm grasp that keeps the boutonniere in the right place. Those with heart pacemakers should not use it.

*Scissors – Mainly when making boutonnieres, scissors are used to cut ribbons or leaves if it is incorporated in the boutonniere. It must be a sharp scissor to have a clean cut.

*Floral Knife – You will need a floral knife to cut the stems of the flowers and greenery you would like to add to your boutonniere. The knife blade must be sharp, so the cut is clean.

Dahlia flowers How To Make A Flower Wall types of vases
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*Wire Cutter – You will also be using a wire cutter to cut the floral wire you will be using in your boutonniere. Please do not use your scissors to cut the wire because they can be damaged.

*Accessories – To enhance the stem’s look, you can wrap the stem with a lovely ribbon then glue one or two tiny crystals. If the wedding is at Christmas, then add a tiny gold or red pearl to look like an x-mas ornament, or if it is on valentine’s Day, then add a heart. You can use accessories on the boutonniere but be careful not to add too many accessories. Choose one and add a special touch to it.

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*Gloves – You will need gloves to handle your flowers, especially if they have thorns and other materials to prevent any injury.

Preparing Your Flowers And Greenery

Boutonniere DIY | By A 30 Year Florist

Make sure you remove all the parts of your flowers and greenery that you do not want in your boutonniere, including rotten leaves and damaged parts of the greenery.

Make sure to condition your flowers before starting making your boutonnieres. Fill a clean bucket with water and add some food preservatives to make sure they last as long as possible.

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send flowers

Be sure to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle to ensure the flowers absorb water most effectively. Be sure to keep them in a cool environment to keep them fresh such as inside a flower cooler or a room with good air conditioning.

If you do not know how to properly take care of your flowers, read our article on the subject. If you have trouble getting your flower blooms to open, try placing your flowers in hot water.

Arranging Your Boutonniere

Boutonniere DIY | By A 30 Year Florist

Arranging a boutonniere takes planning and time to accomplish. Once you have a clear vision of how you want it to look, it will be fast to make. Below I will show you step by step how to make a packet boutonniere.

  1. Measure the depth and width of the pocket from the inside
  2. Cut a piece of cardboard and cut it to that measurement
  3. Use a piece of fabric that blends with the suit or tux and cover half of the cardboard
  4. Use floral glue, pillow glue, or beacon fabric glue
  5. Glue leaves in one-third of the cardboard and just at the front, leave the back only with the ribbon
  6. Glue the flowers starting with the focal flower, then add smaller fowers to complement it and finish the boutonniere with the filler
  7. If you decide to accessorize it, then add any crystal or any other special touch using the glue.

My favorite glue to use is a clear fabric glue from the brand beacon because it does not damage the flowers.

florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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It drys fast and is transparent so that the flowers and accessories stay in their place. I have tried so many glues with my almost three decades in this industry, but this one does terrific work.

What To Charge For A Boutonniere

Boutonniere DIY | By A 30 Year Florist

Making boutonnieres are time-consuming because of their size and details. A simple boutonniere can cost from $20 to $40 and the more elaborated can go up to $100.

I remember making a boutonniere so unique for the groom. His request was a tiny yellow diamond on the stem.

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It was my most expensive boutonniere, so don’t focus on what others are charging. Go by how special they are, the quality of the flower, and the labor to make them.


Boutonniere DIY | By A 30 Year Florist

Now that you are familiar with the supplies and steps you need to make a boutonniere, you can create your DIY project confidently.

If you are making a boutonniere for your wedding or other events, then it is handy to have a spare on hand if your primary boutonniere gets damaged or is no longer presentable. Remember to keep practicing and to continue studying to improve your designs.

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