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How To Start Florist Business | 30 Year Florist Author

Some people are ready to take their goals to the next level while others are in the process of just getting started to achieve their goals for their business. In this article, “How To Start A Florist Business”, you will learn everything you need to know to start your own flower business.

Whether growing your business or curious about starting a new one, this guide aims to develop and nurture your knowledge about having and growing a floral business.

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Know Why You Want To Start A Flower Business

How To Start Florist Business | 30 Year Florist Author

It is crucial to identify why you want to get involved in starting a floral business.

Is it because you enjoy creating flower arrangements, or maybe it is because you want to enjoy yourself designing with flowers, or perhaps you want to cater to those who like to have flowers for their unique reasons, such as brides and people that enjoy entertaining.

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Once you know why you want to get involved in having your floral design business, then you can adequately niche down and be devoted to a specific way of doing business, down to your ideal business model.

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Now that you know what area of the floral industry you enjoy the most, we can move on to the next step. You have decided to start your own floral business, but now what?

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Goals are the top priority for you at this stage. Without proper goal setting, you risk aimlessly executing marketing strategies without direction, purchasing inventory without knowing the demographics you aim to reach.

You will need to keep track of your business ideal by setting the right goals and taking action.

These goals could include: how many clients you plan to serve this year, how many people do you want to visit your website monthly, how many corporate social and other business demographics events would you like to cater florals for, or how many email campaigns would you like to send this year.

Do You Know What Your Goal Is?

How To Start Florist Business | 30 Year Florist Author

A goal is just a beautiful idea if you do not take action. Once you implement it, then it is a reality. We often set goals that end up being just that, so do not procrastinate and start moving forward to see your plan becoming a reality.

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What Part Of The Floral Industry Do You Like Most?

How To Start Florist Business | 30 Year Florist Author

There are several branches in the flower business, for example; celebrations, funerals, restaurant flowers, home decor, corporate flower service, hotels, hospitals, special occasions, holiday flowers, etc.

These are some of the most well-known floral services you can specialize in, select the one that you enjoy and profit from the most.

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How To Decide What To Sell And Services To Offer

How To Start Florist Business | 30 Year Florist Author

Let’s say you want to become a florist and aim to own your flower shop. You can have a general service, but it is an excellent practice to have knowledge of the services you are offering.

For example, you can do funeral flowers, every day delivery flowers arrangements, weddings or if working weddings is too much then you can opt to do the bride’s bouquet and the bridal party flowers.

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Your services can be offered in a way so you can make a profit. If you decide to deliver flowers, then you must charge a realistic fee so there is a profit.

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Flower shops can also sell other goods that complement their main flower services such as cards, boutonnieres, corsage pins, ribbons, vases, foam, water tubes, etc.

So you don’t have to just sell flower arrangements. Take into consideration that offering too many services can be overwhelming and many times you can feel burned out.

Choose the service you really know and enjoy. As your business grows, you will be able to expand into different demographics.

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Let’s take, for example, high school proms. You can do this by contacting the school’s prom sponsor personally and showing them a stunning example of your work. 

Do You Want To Specialize In Social Events?

How To Start Florist Business | 30 Year Florist Author

If you decide to become a wedding and other social events specialist, then you will need to educate yourself on serving this specific demographic deeply.

You will need to learn the good and bad of the business, the psychology of talking and listening to the prospective clients, understand their visions, and make sure you can deliver what you have committed to do.

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It is not just gathering a bunch of flowers together. It is about compassion, dedication, knowledge, experience, time and above all, caring.

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When you decide to work with this niche, you must know that it is very profitable if you know how to do it right. Also, it is time-consuming, and the sacrifice of family time is enormous.

Before you decide to solve their problems, you must be mentally ready. You can showcase your arrangements to your prospective clients, and if they like it, they will hire you to cater to their next event.

The possibilities are endless for your expansion. I want to mention that if you’re going to get into the school special events, there is a huge opportunity to grow your business.

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It would be best if you started early contacting the sponsors or the committee for each event. For example, they have a new sponsor every year.

Still, sometimes they keep the same sponsor. It is essential to make a connection with them.

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Once they love your services, they will call you every year when the sponsors are ready to meet to talk about the details with the student committee to express their decor choice for their celebrations.

You can get involved with other events. All you need to do is an outstanding job and you don’t have to call them again. 

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Handling Inventory

How To Start Florist Business | 30 Year Florist Author

It is essential to know your ideal client so you know what inventory will you need. Because we do not have explicit knowledge of what sells, we first buy everything we think will sell.

We do this thinking of ourselves, not about the client, and we end up losing money because, when we have a client, they may not like what you have to offer and they already have their vision.

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When you start your business, the worst mistake is guessing and not being sure of where you need to invest. When I started my business I bought a few fabulous things to make my consultation area look beautiful and welcoming to my prospective clients.

When they signed the contract and gave me a deposit, I used it to buy what they envisioned for their event day. This way, I do not have an entire warehouse with an inventory that I do not need.

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Something else you can do is support another company that specializes in prop rentals by renting from them. That helps you keep your focus on what is more profitable and what you enjoy the most.

Orders And Taking Care Of Your Flowers

How To Start Florist Business | 30 Year Florist Author

If you become a flower shop owner, be mindful of what flowers are the most popular in your area, what lasts longer, and the quantity you can sell per day.

Hence, you have a clear vision of how many of each variety of your best selling flowers to have on hand and when to order them.

Some flowers last longer than others. It will be a great idea to get your flowers when they are in a bud about to open and keep them in the cooler so they last longer, and your customer sees value for their money because they get to enjoy them longer.

If you are in the celebration business, you do not need to have a flower inventory. The best thing is to calculate the number of flowers you need for the events.

When to order and receive them, you have enough time to clean, condition and give them their time and space to open.

It would be best to care for and handle some flowers differently because not all the flowers are the same. So be resourceful to learn more about the life span of the flowers you’ll sell the most.

Where To Get Your Flowers For Your Business?

How To Start Florist Business | 30 Year Florist Author

The most commonplace to order your flowers is from the local wholesaler because that helps create community. There is nothing more important than having a community that supports you when needed.

You can also buy your flowers from a distributor because it is a bit inexpensive, but you must have a great connection so your flowers arrive on time and in good condition.

If you want less expensive flowers of outstanding quality, then get the freshest. Getting them from your favorite farm will be a great choice.

You also save some money by importing them, be aware that you need to be in direct contact with the farm or have a private shopper, so they do all the work for you.

Handling Growth

How To Start Florist Business | 30 Year Florist Author

Let’s discuss understanding how your business is growing. It is necessary to keep track of statistical data to optimize your business strategy.

For example, one of your marketing strategies like blogging could be getting 5x more traffic than any other strategy.

With this metric in place, you can focus on expanding on that strategy by writing about that topic in that blog by writing about it further in multiple blogs.

In turn, it will increase the likelihood that your when traffic will grow at a faster rate.

Also, paying attention to what products sell more than others will allow you to niche further down to the products that sell abundantly more than your other products within your inventory.

It will enable you to discard merchandise that doesn’t sell while increasing the stock of items that have been proven to sell. When this is done, your growth in sales will increase.


How To Start Florist Business | 30 Year Florist Author

With the right amount of determination and hard work, you can achieve any goal that you aspire to with your floral shop.

Now that you are inspired to start or grow your floral business, you can begin by stating your goals and striving to accomplish them with the information you have just learned.

Remember to keep studying and refresh your mind whenever you feel you are in a rut and do not know what action to perform next to improve your business.

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