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Today, you will be learning about some different types of vases and how they are used. There are a tremendous amount of vases that are used for floral design.

Some are more popular than others because of the type of event or theme you will be working with. Vases come in various sizes, colors, styles, materials, and thicknesses.

Some vases are fragile, while others are super durable. Therefore you must be mindful when selecting the vase for your floral arrangement so they work perfectly with the style you will be designing.

Whenever I create centerpieces, I must first choose the vase; it helps me get inspired.

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The Different Types Of Vases

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

There are so many beautiful crystal vases that are tall and grand also low and luxurious to design gorgeous centerpieces. The most beautiful ones are from Baccarat, Swarovski, and Waterford.

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These vases are perfect for that luxury client that loves glitz and glam. When you group these vases at different levels and ad lighting, the effect is spectacular.

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Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

Glass vases are available in different heights, widths, and shapes. These vases are more popular when designing centerpieces.

A few years ago, the majority of the floral designers and florists used glass vases, trumpet, square or cubes, bud vases, Eiffel tower, garden bowls, cylinders, clarinet, and square vases just to mention a few.

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

There are so many choices of metal vases to choose from. You can find from mini trumpet to large ancient Greek-style vases. Let’s talk about Laurent urn from Accent decor, such a beautiful vase to make a gorgeous tropical floral display with anthuriums, ginger, heliconia, pin cushion.

Metal vases are now more trendy than glass. They also come in different sizes, shapes and weights. The advantage of metal over glass is that many metal vases are heavy and do not need any extra weight to hold them down.

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The glass vases have a few disadvantages. They can fall, break, and hurt somebody. They also require additional weight to hold the weight of the floral design. 

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

For those who love glitz but whose budget is not for crystal, these vases are perfect for them. Make sure that, when you buy or rent these vases, that they are sturdy.

This is so your floral arrangements stay in place. They come in different styles, hight and width also. Some have been made with glass and others with synthetic beads.

florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

This vase comes in metal and glass. It is a prevalent one for its form. Trumpet vases usually need to be anchored down because many of them are not heavy enough to hold the weight of the floral piece that will be set on top of it.

This vase is perfect for a large floral arrangement with hanging amaranthus, hydrangeas, roses and hanging crystal candle holders.

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

This is a small vase that usually holds from one flower to three. The bud vase is more prevalent in floral shops. You can add greenery and fillers if you wish.

The clean look with just flowers makes it more appealing to the eyes. This type of vase comes in different shapes and colors. They can go from four to nine inches.

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Using this vase as your centerpiece will look better as a runner on the center of a long table with a few flowers on each.

Dahlia flowers How To Make A Flower Wall types of vases
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Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

These vases come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and materials, for example, footed bowls, glass pedestals, ceramic, metal and compote. Some are to display food, but it can also be used for floral design.

If it works for you, go for it. This vase has a stem and a bowl on top and they can be low or tall as well. Picture this type of vase showcasing a modern floral design with dahlias, larkspurs, and ranunculus.

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

It will be better to use a few flowers when using this vase. Clean it, add water, cut the stems of a few lightweight flowers and add it to the vase. Some people use this vase as if it is sturdy enough to hold the weight of a large floral piece.

It can be dangerous because somebody can bump on the table and everything can fall, break and hurt somebody. This vase will look beautiful when used in clusters of three or more vases with a few flowers, such as phalaenopsis orchids.

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

This shape is more prevalent in glass vases, also called cubes. There are also tall square vases to make grand centerpieces but always make sure they are safe to use with the centerpieces.

The cube’s most popular sizes start from two inches to as large as twelve inches.

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The smallest one is used to display candles and sometimes is used as a vase to showcase just one large flower or a mini hand-tied bouquet, and the largest one is perfect for a beautiful centerpiece with lush flowers.

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Bowl Vases

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

Some people call it fishbowl and others call it a glass bubble.

This vase is perfect for designing miniature landscape centerpieces, also doing an under the sea theme, submerging flowers, making a floral centerpiece with just tulips or mini callas, or displaying candles.

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There are so many other uses for this beautiful but straightforward vase. You can be creative and experiment with it to see what you can come with.

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

This is similar to the glass bubble, but it is shorter and the opening is more prominent. This vase is perfect for floating candles, making organic centerpieces, displaying succulents with river rocks and moss, or creating a garden scene.

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

The elegant and sculptural form of this vase carries a grand design. With orchids, roses, mini callas, hydrangeas and dahlias, among other luxury flowers.

This vase is still one of the favorites for weddings and grand events because it looks spectacular, especially the taller clarinet vase. Another advantage of using this vase is that it is tall and super transparent and does not interfere with the view.

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

Like its’ name indicates, it is used for beach themes.

You can line up a few of these vases on a long table like they were on the sea, add seashells, sand, sea sponges, and any other item that goes with this theme and add some flowers with the theme’s color scheme. They can also put some sand on the center of the round tables, add flowers, fish netting and seashells.

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

If you love ikebana, you will fall in love with many of the Japanese vases. If you like Cocoji, the traditional floral arrangement of Korea, they have so many gorgeous vases, many of them are made of ceramic or porcelain.

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Some people believe that ikebana started in Japan and some others believe that was in China wherever this floral design style they both have their unique touch and meaning, this subject will be for another blog because in this blog it is all about vases and the oriental cultural have some of the most beautiful porcelain and ceramic vases and each vase is unique.

They are carefully chosen for their floral design. Many of their vases are very ornated and hand-painted, but the vases are solid colors for design and Ikebana floral arrangements.

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They emphasize symmetry, natural materials and geometric shapes, and there are hundreds of varieties of vases to choose from to go with the style and flowers.

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

I believe these vases are unique because they are personalized, and made by hand with so much love by the artist. The pieces are often never the same. You can use this vase for a garden theme or a high gala.

You need to choose the one that goes with your floral design style, something else that would look great in these vases and plants to be used as centerpieces.

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

This vase is very time-consuming to make, but the result is breathtaking. They are usually used as a decorative item, but if you want to showcase this vase within your design, you must add a heavy vase inside to add stability.

Definitely, you should use exotic flowers such as bird of paradise heliconia golden torch and hanging heliconias rostrata, shell ginger, red ornamental pineapple, red tower ginger, torch ginger.

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You can also have some anthurium and, to set a focal point, a king protea will seal the deal.

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Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

Ceramic vases are more popular for floral design in a low style. They look perfect with any design, but you need to choose the vase carefully to complement the flowers used in the design.

Unique Finish And Designs

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

There are some modern or minimalist vases, glazed, mate, smooth, rustic, sculptural, flats, bulky, abstract, carve, hand shape, body parts, animal shapes, metallic, wooden, cement, heavy-duty paper, cardboard, vases made of rocks, crackle, PVC and so many more.

Where To Get These Vases And Others

Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

There are a few ways and places to get the vases you need for your event. You can order them from a distribution company, a wholesaler, a retailer such as craft stores, or directly from the manufacture.

You can also design your own and place a personalized order. Make sure you patent it, otherwise you may see it sold by a company and take credit for your creation.

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Suppose you do not want to get into paying propriety taxes or having high rental expenses. In that case, it will be wise to rent all your vases from a party rental company.

It will remove a lot of headaches from your overactive brain and at the same time help another small business owner and start making connections which are so important when you are in business.


Types Of Vases | Inspiration For Your Decor

It is essential to know what vase you will need so your floral design looks like you have planned. With the wrong vase, your design will not look appealing to the guests.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your flowers are. If there is no balance and your vase does not complement the flowers, then it will be a disaster.

florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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