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Wedding Reception Ideas | 97 Inspirational Ideas

Getting married is a very emotional moment. You are about to leave your single life and share your life with your true love. Are you looking for wedding reception ideas to find inspiration for what kind of reception you want to have?
You are in the right place because you will find luxurious, unique, romantic, and extraordinary ideas for places, decor, food, and more to make your reception a celebration to remember. Discover what you are looking for in this guide.

Wedding Decor

Wedding Reception Ideas | 97 Inspirational Ideas

Wedding decor will make your event look magnificent in many different ways. Take these wedding reception ideas as inspiration for the selection you make for your wedding decor.

Romantic Canopy Highlighted With Fairy Lights

A romantic canopy can serve different purposes. You can have your cake underneath it or have the sweetheart table to make your space a more romantic one. If you plan to have a canopy, the ballroom must have a tall enough ceiling so it can be a show stopper. If you want a canopy done, I can arrange it for you.

Wedding Stage Decoration

On your search for wedding reception ideas be sure to remember the wedding stage decorations.  I wish many other cultures adopted the idea of wedding stage decorations. It is such a distinctive focal point. When your guests arrive, the wedding stage decoration will take their breath away when the beauty of the magnificent decor draws their eyes.

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An outstanding example of wedding stage decoration will be a great display of fresh flowers and crystal chandeliers. This decor can be excellent for photo opportunities, a greeting area, or a beautiful backdrop behind the sweetheart table. I offer stage decor and setup through my business; contact me for more info.

This is one of Bisli's designs she created

Fresh Flowers

An event without fresh flowers is like walking into an ordinary room with nothing attractive to see. If you have an ample budget that allows you to have fresh flowers, do not hesitate to go above and beyond for these looks. It is luxury at its best. If you are in need of fresh flowers, then check out our sponsors.    

Made By Bisli Vazquez

Stage Backdrop

Decorating the stage is essential if you are sitting on it or having entertainment utilizing it. Easy and great ideas for stage backdrops can be drapes and wall washer lighting, white chiffon with fairy lights curtains.

If money is not an issue, a flower wall will look elegant and romantic. For those who love greenery, garlands and a mix of greens will look fantastic. Because the stage is elevated, our eyes automatically go to it. Therefore, it is essential to decorate it. Setting up the stage backdrop is a service I offer as well.

A Design By Bisli For One Of Her Client's

Marriage Backdrop

Have you been at receptions and seen the couples’ table missing appeal? They forgot to include a backdrop behind them, sometimes because of the limited budget, or they preferred to put the money somewhere else. They might have thought that putting a backdrop behind their table was not that important.

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Once you walk into the reception, you can see the not too fancy walls, doors, or even cables behind the sweetheart table.
Be creative and add glamour to the sweetheart table with shimmery string, curtains, crystals, or even drapes, lighting and a couple of props with flowers. It will look spectacular. Setting up backdrops is a service I offer.

Take A Look At A Marriage Backdrop Designed By Bisli

Table Signs

You can personalize your table signs. They can be professional-made, stationery, or handmade. If you have the time, handmade table signs are well appreciated by your guests because many people enjoy that you took the time to make them feel special. Be sure to remember these wedding reception ideas when planning your next event.

Lights Decor

A reception celebration is dull if there is no lighting. There are different ways to add light decor to your reception. One great idea is adding the traditional but always romantic candlelight. Every time we add candles to the design, it adds that feeling of love in the air, elegance, and sophistication. Rig candles from the ceiling or crystal spheres with flameless candles inside if the venue allows. You can also hang curtains of fairy lights above the dance floor.

Floating Candles

Have you noticed that it looks dark when walking into a ballroom and feels like it lacks something? Instead of feeling happy, you feel down? Let me tell you that what is missing is the inviting and romantic look of the candles.

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It is always a great idea to create different looks with candles. Floating candles are an excellent way to add luxury to the tables. You can have them floating underneath tall centerpieces or have them grouped on the tables. It is not expensive, but it can add a lot of momentum to the decor.

Design By Bisli Vazquez

Pin Spot Lights

This light is one of those that many people ignore because they don’t know how important it is. It highlights the beauty of the centerpieces and brings them to life. Centerpieces are not inexpensive, especially when designed with fresh flowers. Adding lights to them will change how you and your guests see them.

Design By Bisli Vazquez


Onwards with our amazing journey searching for wedding reception ideas. If you want to have an aromatic celebration and add that elegant touch, you must incorporate candlelight into the design. Its effect is very indulging. If you are a candle lover, then make sure to check with your local fire marshall to know what you need to do to avoid fire. If you don’t want to use real candles, that is perfectly OK. The flameless candles are very trendy and many locations welcome them.

Reception Table Decor

Look At These Beautiful Centerpieces Designed And Made By Bisli

With your reception coming closer, reception tables are one of the main focal points of your celebration. It is essential to know your color scheme and the formality of your celebration to have it come to life. With inspiration, you may find an idea to decorate your reception tables. Also, you will find inspiration all around you.

Here is an idea for reception table decor. Use square tables made of clear plexiglass and add an led light underneath. There will be a glow coming from underneath the table. The centerpiece can be low or tall. If you’re looking for decor, this is a service I offer.

More Table Decor Ideas From Bisli's Designs

Setting Different Styles Of Centerpieces On Different Tables

Some examples of this can be having the guests’ tables decorated with three different styles of centerpieces. With different styles of centerpieces, you can add variety and taste to your event. Mix short and tall centerpieces at each table to further the idea event.

Flower Arrangement
Made by Bisli for her floral decor course

A Low Floral Centerpiece With Abundant Candles

Let’s move on to our next idea for wedding reception ideas. Low centerpieces are beautiful. It is crucial that if you choose this look, they are not interfering with the guests’ view. A simple but elegant idea for low centerpieces would be a display of candles in different shapes within various heights of crystal vases. Add a few stems of phalaenopsis orchids to finish this centerpiece.

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Another will be fresh flowers centerpieces with many candles inside glass or crystal candle holders. This last idea is super romantic, use three cylinders that are sturdy enough to hold water, submerge a stem of line flowers in each cylinder and add a floating candle.

Wedding Decoration Ideas Dahlia flowers
One of Bisli's designs from one of her events

Decorate The Sweetheart Table With Beautiful Blooms And Candles

There is a special table where the bride and groom sit to have their first meal as husband and wife. It is called the sweetheart table. This table has to be set up with fresh flowers because they are starting a new life and it will be great to start fresh. Make sure to check my website to see samples of my work at the sweetheart table.

Design Made By Bisli

Reception Entrance Ideas

The reception entrance is the first area you and your guests will see when the doors open. It invites them to enter and makes them feel welcome. Consider having an elegant and large decoration that will WOW your guests and your families. A display of candles and flowers will add a touch of luxe. Remember, your photographer will take many photos here.

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Something that will attract the attention of your guests will be large trees with green flowers and flameless candles. Have six trees, three at each side of the entrance walkway inside the ballroom.

Floating Chandeliers

Always think bigger is better. In a high ballroom ceiling, having floating chandeliers will be breathtaking. It will be an extraordinary experience for your guests when the doors open.

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Besides serving the purpose of lowering the ceiling, it will add a great ambiance to the ballroom. It also makes the room feel more intimate. Designing an unexpected entrance can have your guests talking about it through the night and will have them taking various pictures in admiration.

Lowering The Ceiling

If you are worried about the high ceiling in the ballroom, then consider hanging large decor to drop it, so the space looks intimate. Besides using chandeliers, you can also use drapes, large floral decorations, or another large decor to balance the room. If the decor is small, then it will get lost and will not make a big impression when your guests arrive. Let’s move on with our wedding reception ideas.

Dahlia flowers
One of Bisli's decor from her client's event

Floating Branches

If the theme is rustic or enchanted, it would be amazing to have tall branches floating and some emerging from the floor with runners of flowers and a delicate pop of candlelight. You can use any kind of branch. My favorite is manzanita because it is powerful and has a beautiful form.

Made By Bisli Vazquez


There are so many beautiful fabric runners that will make your table look elegant. For example, there are sequin, velvet, lamour, embroidered, beaded, silk, charmeuse, or heavy satin runners. Sometimes a simple tablecloth is all you need. If you decide to have a table runner, make sure it is of excellent quality. Soft satin will not look good because it is too shiny and the fabric is too lightweight will look cheap.

wedding flower
Bisli's runner design from her design course

Decal In Dance-Floor

If you’re having a Luxe and elegant event, an all-white dance floor with a large gold decal in the center with your names or initials will be the perfect match. A decal will attract the attention of guests with its glamour. It will be a spectacle to see for your guests.

Registration Table

The registration table is also called a sign-in table. Some brides love having their guests sign their guest book, while others have a wishing tree or picture board so the guests can write wishes or simply sign in. It is great to have an attendant at the table to ensure the guests write messages or sign because they often forget to do it.

Balloon Arches

A unique way to add decor to your wedding reception is to include a balloon arch. Your guests will enjoy the size and style you add to your event by including a balloon arch with different colors in your arch to give it a more vibrant look.

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Add multiple balloon arches over a walkway to provide a stronger impression for those walking by it. Add items inside the balloon, such as figurines, for a complete look. I offer custom balloon arches for set up at your event so contact me if you want the idea brought to life.

You Can See A Balloon Arch Bisli Made Here

Balloon Sculptures

Your guests will love the variety and spectacle of balloon sculptures placed throughout your event. If you have a small budget but want a significant impact on your guests when the doors open, it will be a great idea to have balloon sculptures throughout the ballroom. Make sure they are tasteful and complement or match your color scheme. Adding metallic or pearl balloons will add class to your celebration design. Next up in our wedding reception ideas we have room decor.

One Of Bisli's Balloon Sculptures

Room Decor

One Of Bisli's Masterpieces, You Can See The Room Decor Everywhere. Her Famous Crystal Towers Are Here To

You can accomplish room decor by having one or two spectacular focal points and having grand centerpieces. It will look like the whole room is decorated. Adding LED light lights up the beautiful fabric or floral backdrop and don’t forget to use candlelight throughout the venue to have a romantic look. 

florist planning tools Dahlia flowers types of vases
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Room Decor can include stage decor, grand entrance, bar decor, food station decor, centerpieces, lighting, ceiling treatment, dance floor decor, neon signages. Make sure to leave enough space, so the event does not look congested. Next up in our wedding reception ideas list is a product I invented myself and now offer through my business in San Antonio.

Bisli's story
Bisli enjoying a photo op from one of her client's wedding

Crystal Towers

Crystal Towers, A Design Bisli Invented

2006 was the year when I sketched and invented the crystal towers. This idea came from a visit to liberty island, where I enjoyed seeing how the sun gave the twin towers a stunning shimmery look. I never thought that moment would come back when I needed the inspiration to create something magnificent for one of my VIP client’ weddings.

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The crystal towers became so trendy that they got China’s attention and sold them worldwide. I love to use these beautiful towers throughout the ballroom or at each corner of the dance floor. Adding lighting to them will take this look to another level. A popular choice among my brides, contact me to include it in your event.

Chair Cover Sashes

Chair Sashes And Much More In One Of Bisli's Renown Events

Why use chair sashes? You can match the chair sash to the flowers in your event, the napkins, the table cloth, or the overlay. There is no rule to do that but make sure you only have one color, and VIP tables have a different color. You don’t need to have these items, but many brides like to match everything. So if you are one of those brides, then having sashes on each chair after the chair covers are on will be divine.

One Of Bisli's Renown Events, You Can See The Chair Sashes She Used

Table Covers

No event would be complete without table covers. Table covers add that extravagant flair that makes your guests want to stay even after the event. Find your color scheme and match or complement the rest of your event with it. You can have a variety of table cover colors or just one. It all depends on the formality of your event. Try exploring different styles to see which one matches your tastes.

You Can See The Table Covers Clearly Here In One Of Bisli's Event

Chair Covers

Chair covers are one of the main focal points of any significant event. Therefore, no event would be complete without chair covers. Elegant chair covers add a sense of extravagance to an event. There are many styles to choose from, so don’t feel stuck if you only found one. Add accessories like sashes to your chair cover to give them a better appearance.

Chair Covers Are Shown Clearly Here In One Of Bisli's Beautiful Events

LED Lighting

Have you walked into a celebration space and felt like something is missing, or the location is too dark and lacks ambiance. The host or hostess forgot to include LED lighting in the design budget. Lighting is essential if you want to have an elegant scene or transform the venue look. When choosing LED lighting, be cautious about how much lighting is too much. It can make your event look romantic and luxe or be a disaster if you don’t choose the right color and a good quantity of LED lights.

One Of Bisli's Designs For Her Bride

Neon Signs

Having neon signs in your reception is so much fun. You can also have a backdrop and add your names or initials to it with a neon sign. Neon lights look more up-to-date and trendy. It can be simple or elaborated. It all depends on the budget. 

Reserved Table Signs

These signs are more prevalent when you want a group of VIP guests to sit somewhere reserved. So you have reserved table signs to prevent other guests from being seated at those tables. Another great idea is to have greeters by those tables with a list of the guest allowed to sit on these tables so they can make sure the chairs are not occupied when the VIP arrives.

See More:

This embarrassing moment happens when closer family members sit at these tables, but their names are not on the VIP list. We have to approach these guests and politely tell them we will find their table if they provide us with their full names. We have to approach these guests and politely tell them we will find their table if they provide us with their full names. Then we tell them that these tables are reserved for other guests. That is why the reserved table signs are so vital.

Table Number Cardholders

The table number cardholder is used when you have designated tables for the guests. Make sure the cardholder is tall enough that the guests can find their table fast instead of wandering around and guessing where the table is located. It is a great idea to have hosts or hostesses greet the guests and walk them to their tables. It will save the headache of the guests sitting wherever they want.

Themed Wedding Seating Chart

An easy way to have your guests find their table is to have a guest’s chart. It will expedite the seating process. You can add a unique look to the seating chart with a themed event. For example, the diagram should reflect that theme in an enchanted forest. Maybe add some leaves, moss, and fairy lights. If you have a beach theme, there will be nothing better than adding sand, seashells, and sea sponges to reflect the theme.

Origami Napkins

There are many ways to make an impression at a wedding. To assist you with setting the ambiance at the tables, why not set professionally made origami napkins that will make a professional and stunning impression on your guests. Try using only one origami style for a uniform look, or try multiple styles in a theme such as elephants and tiger napkins in an animal-themed event. Next up in our wedding reception ideas guide is a favorite of mine. I just love adding lounge furniture to my events.

Lounge Style Couches

You can add a variety of furnishings to make your event look slick. Try adding a lounge couches. It will give your event the appeal many five star clubs have. Try complementing the color of your furnishings to the linens and lighting of your event. I offer some furnishings for rent as well.

Sport Themed Centerpieces

A great idea for decor in your wedding would be to add sport-themed centerpieces. You can purchase baseball, basketball, or any sport-themed decor. An excellent idea is to place bowling pins surrounded by tall vases with flowers inside on the table. You can have baseball centerpieces with baseballs inside glass vases and flowers on top. I also provide this service so ask me for more details.

Napkins With Bride And Groom's Name In Calligraphy

What a personalized idea! You can have cloth napkins with the initial of the couple in calligraphy and if you want to go one step ahead, have a monogramming company to do that for you. You can gift these napkins to your guest as favors so they will remember you every time they use them.

Herb Centerpieces

I love lavender leave, mint, lemon, Rosemary, Lemon balm, sage, ginger, and cinnamon. It is a good idea to have herb centerpieces because, besides bringing the kitchen garden indoors, the aroma of the herbs will be all around the ballroom. It will add a relaxing ambiance to the celebration. You can add these herbs to the floral centerpieces. It will smell fantastic and look beautiful.

Dried Flower Arrangements

Dried flowers can make any event one to remember with their unique beauty and composition. They are known to be appealing when used in decor. Dried flowers are trendy now but are very dangerous if used closer to any flame. If you are dreaming of incorporating it within your decor, make sure you have the approval of the local fire marshall office. If your event is outside, make sure to use them tastefully.


Wedding Reception Ideas | 97 Inspirational Ideas

Entertainment is a large part of your event. We have had quite the journey together reading this wedding reception ideas list. Here are some ideas to get you started in expanding how guests enjoy your big day.

Dance Floor

The dance floor is where all the action is happening throughout the night. It will be great to decorate the ceiling above the dance floor. You will observe how everybody wants to be under that beautiful decor. You can have delicate strings of lights covering the ceiling or four large trees placed on each corner of the dance floor. The dance floor will attract your guests to dance and it will be one of the main focal points of the event.

A Dance Floor In One Of Bisli's Events With Her Other Decor


So many receptions have a Dj as the first choice for entertainment because they can add so much excitement to the celebration by playing all genres of music. Some have a great voice and play the master of ceremony very well. Getting your guests off their chairs and on the dance floor is hard. A DJ that accomplishes it is worthy of being in your celebration.


Before you invest in fireworks, check with your local fire marshall office to learn about the rules and regulations on using fireworks. Ask a specialist to give you ideas on how to operate safely. There are options if you want to use pyrotechnics indoors.

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You can have fireworks indoors using the cold spark effect or cold sparkler fountains. It will give an illusion of hot sparkles and it is safe. Great places to use it will be for the grand entrance, dance floor for the first dance, or any other area you may wish to focus your guests’ attention.


Do not discharge a talented band. Bands are still popular. They can sound more elegant and sophisticated than DJs. Some play all music genres, and the sound quality can transport you to another era, space, or moment. Do your research if you plan to hire one.

Live Painters

Having this variation of artists at your reception will be excellent because it captures what is happening at your celebration in real-time. This painter tells the story of the event. You can tell them what scenery you want to be painted or leave it to them. Here is how it works, the artist is at your reception in a designated area so they can draw what they envision during that moment, and you will have personalized memorabilia. The final result will be breathtaking, and it is a great memory capture in a paper that will remain forever hung on your wall.

Live Painter Heading

Piano Player

Having a piano player or an instrumental song will be a great addition to your grand reception for dinner. Don’t forget that your choice of entertainment will lift or sink the atmosphere. Having a pianist playing during dinner is so relaxing and enjoyable. It feels like you are transported to a different place and your state of being is of peace, love and relaxation. Do your homework and listen to a few pianists before you book one so you know what to expect.


What better way to build entertainment for your wedding than to host an archery competition. Archery is a sport from ancient antiquity that uses a bow and arrow to fire at targets. Have an archery range placed outdoors and watch as your guests become attracted to it to try their luck. Have multiple targets at different distances and try various forms of marksmanship like slings. Try adding moving targets and themed targets like sculptures of the bride and groom.


Karaoke is where guests are invited to sing their favorite songs in front of their audience. Well, this one is a lot of fun. You can sing songs by genre or by artist to keep the party going. Imagine a guest being embarrassed in front of everyone. Because the tone of his\her voice went too high, too low, or didn’t sound good at all. Karaoke will make your guests laugh throughout the whole event. This kind of game forever stays in your memories, and when you remember playing karaoke, it will bring a smile to your lips. 

Here are some of my favorite songs; Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, the way you look tonight by Frank Sinatra, and I Do It For You – by Bryan Adams or All of Me” by John Legend. You can choose the one you prefer or if you have a theme, make sure it goes with it.

Video Games

I am sure the bride may not be happy with this kind of activity. Still, we need to include the groom and his groomsmen, so a video game competition would be challenging because all the eyes are on them to see who is better at gaming. Some great games that you can include are popular party games like Mario Party or fight each other on Gears Of War or Halo. Hopefully, the groomsmen will give a fair round to let the groom win.

Allow Guests To Choose A Song

A great and popular idea to increase the entertainment value of your event is to allow your guests to choose a song to be played at your event. Just ask your DJ to announce that a guest may pick a song of their choosing. It creates a rich variety of popular music to be played while including guests in the activities as well. Have your DJ give suggestions to guests who don’t know what songs to choose. Your guests will have a night to remember with all the different songs that will be played throughout the night.

Scavenger Hunt

An excellent idea for a scavenger hunt would be to have hidden items from the bride and groom that have remained with them for some time. Sand from a beach where he proposes, or a flower he gave her for the first time they met, maybe a T-shirt the bride adored when she saw him wearing it, or a pair of shoes that the groom can’t stand because when she wears she seems taller than him. This game is fantastic because it keeps the guests engaged by looking for hidden items and focusing on collecting them all.


Limbo is a very challenging game. It was brought to the Caribbean through the people of Africa. It became so popular that it now brings happiness to the participants and those observing it every time played. Two people hold the limbo bar across, and the limbo song starts playing, then the dancers go underneath without touching it or falling. The lower the bar, the more difficult it gets, and the last person that goes through without losing is the winner.

Shoe Game

The shoe game is a great game I have done many times in numerous events. The couple sits on chairs back to back on the dance floor to answer some questions, but they must exchange one shoe before starting. It means each of them will have a groom’s shoe and a bride’s shoes. It is the moment to discover if the newlyweds know each other well enough.

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The master of ceremony asks a question, and the couple answers it by raising a shoe. It is a great experience to have while at your event. Next up in our wedding reception ideas guide is a famous idea in south asian weddings.

Henna Station

Henna is made of a dye that helps the henna artist make intricate design patterns. It’s famous for South Asian weddings that can be used for things such as tattoos. The technique can be very small or large but is always very tasteful and detailed. Now you can include it in your reception as a temporary tattoo station. It will last a few weeks, so don’t fear having it permanently. I am sure this will be a great addition to your reception entertainment list.

Henna Heading


What better way to capture the moments in your wedding than having a photo booth. Guests will flock to it and trade words on how to pose within it. The photobooth is a great way to make a statement of creative fun in your wedding. Add one to your event to get guests to start taking goofy, normal, or other kinds of photos in this booth.

Photobooth Heading


Hey, why not have a pinata? It can be part of your theme. You can surprise your guests with a piñata moment. They will have the opportunity to be blindfolded, get a pole, and hit the piñata while another person tricks them by raising or lowering it. The beauty of this game is that, when the piñata burst, some guests will run to get the items in the pinata. So be creative and fill it up with sumptuous goodies. I am sure your guests will enjoy it because it is a great and fun activity.

Pinata Heading


Have dances at your wedding to give it the impression it needs to give your guests an amazing experience. Dancers can perform to a variety of songs with unique moves that will make your event marvelous. Request that your dancers perform to the songs you enjoy the most. Ask them the best performances they know how to perform and have them perform based on your preferences. Have them involve your guests as well in order to have a unique way to provide entertainment in your wedding.

Dancers Heading


Singers will add a spectacle to your event that will not be forgotten if done correctly. Your party will be the talk of the town if they have a performance your guests love and enjoy. Have your singers perform popular songs or originals if you find them entertaining. Shop around for unique singers and ask them if they can sing specific songs of your choosing. After a live performance, your wedding guests will be amazed at the performance you organized for them. Next up in our wedding reception ideas guide is one of my favorite things to see done in my events, lip reading.

Lip Readers

I learned about lip readers from my good friend Marilyn that lives on the east coast. Lip readers can tell you about your life just by seeing the form of your lips on paper. My friend Marilyn asks the guests to put on lipstick and kiss a napkin, handkerchief, or other paper, and then she tells them about their lives, their future, etc. It is fun to hear her telling people these things only by seeing the lips form on paper. My friend Marilyn asked the guests to put some lipstick on and kiss a napkin, handkerchief, or other paper, and then she told them about their lives, future, etc. It is fun to hear her telling people these things only by seeing the lips form on paper. It will be such a great idea to add this fun service to your reception. 

Lip Reading Heading


If you feel like finding more performances to wow your guests, you can hire a live comedian. A good comedian will not only bring guests to laughter, but they can also warm their hearts. After enjoying your comedian’s show, your guests will be having fun anticipating what else you may have in store for them in your wedding. Be sure to inspect their routine before hand so that it fits your desired taste for the event. Have them perform a variety of jokes and perhaps have them involve the audience as well to create a more kinetic link between the audience and the performer.

Comedian Heading

Acrobat Performers

Want a unique and astonishing way to wow your guests on your wedding day? Then hire acrobat performers. Perfect for outdoor weddings, your guests will love being entertained by performers as they perform various stunts that will leave your guests amazed. Have them perform a variety of stunts like balancing and vaulting acts.

Live Artists

A great way to entertain your guests during your event is to hire live artists. Hire performers such as those on the Vegas strip who perform in front of their audience using a variety of tools such as paint cans to create marvelous works of art.

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Be sure sure to verify that they can perform as you want them to before scheduling them for your wedding. Have them perform outdoors and watch as people flock to them to watch a spectacle that few get to watch. Have your performers create themed works of art or art that resemble moments in your relationship with your significant other.


Wedding Reception Ideas | 97 Inspirational Ideas

Food is essential to every event. Take these suggestions into consideration when planning what to serve on your big day.

Seafood Dishes

If your reception is in a sophisticated ambiance, then the dinner you serve must complement it. You can choose from a more delicate flavor or a stronger one depending on the seafood you are serving. For example, instead of chicken, choose seafood paired with white wine to enhance the dish’s flavor. If you decide to go with red meat, Cabernet Sauvignon will be the classic wine to serve.

White Meat And Veggies

An outdoor reception calls for a semi-formal or informal dinner. This means you can serve food such as white meat with veggies, a white bar, or beer and wine. Be sure to mix and match your favorite dishes. These are just a few ideas, be creative.

Resort Wedding Feast

If you prefer a destination wedding in a tropical paradise, be prepared to have a feast. You will be amazed by all the exotic delicatessen at your disposal. For example, fresh lobster from the sea to the table. Imagine having a mix of seafood wrapped in banana leaf and cooked underground. The aroma and the flavor are indescribable. This will enhance the ambiance with this improvement.

Margarita Truck

Having a margarita truck at your reception will be a great addition. I don’t know about you, but my favorite drink is the frozen margarita, especially in the summer when it gets so hot. Do you know what I love about having a margarita truck at the reception? If the event is indoors, people get to go outside, enjoy nature, and have their favorite margarita while having a quiet and pleasant conversation.

Margarita Truck Heading

Cooking Action Station

Action stations are also known as chef stations where the action is necessary. This action can be cooking, mixing, and serving. It is very trendy in reception. The action stations can be for sweets, meat, ice cream, Chinese food, and any other food that requires action. It replaces the sit-down dinner. These food stations are so interactive that your guests have to get up to get their food.


Having a BBQ in the reception can be messy, so have a roll of paper towels at each table to clean your hands. I recommend having it outdoors and don’t have fancy linens. A BBQ reception can be a lot of fun because it is interactive and your guests can make friends. I love pork chops, shrimp, lobsters, beef, and chicken. Having a great selection of meats will keep your guests longer.

Smoothie Stations

I enjoy having a smoothie stand at the reception. When the guests arrive, it would be healthy to greet them with a glass of smoothie freshly made with fruit or veggies or a mix of both. It will be so refreshing, especially in the summertime. It will be so refreshing, especially in the summertime. If the event is outdoors, your guests will appreciate being greeted with a cold smoothie. My favorites are pineapple with ginger and aloe vera, banana with cinnamon and vanilla milk, or mango late. Have fun and select a variety of popular flavors so everyone enjoys it.

Ice Cream Wedding Cake

Are you planning to have an ice cream wedding cake? It is a bit challenging, but it sure is delicious. If you want to display a cake and have the cake cutting ceremony, you should ask to have the bottom layer made of ice cream and the other layers can be dummy cakes. Another idea is to have the ice cream cake in a freezer ready to go and display a dummy cake just for photos. If you have a freezer to store it until it is time to serve it, that will help.

Ice Cream Wedding Cake Heading

Chocolate Waterfall

It’s an excellent idea to have a chocolate waterfall, but you must have an attendant so the guests don’t put their fingers in it. A chocolate waterfall screams luxury and intrigue. Your guests will love not only to be looking at the waterfall but also to eat from it. You can have white chocolate, brown, dark, or milk chocolate. Be clear and specific when you talk to this service provider because you want to avoid frustration on the day of the event.

Desert Station

A dessert station will be a fantastic opportunity to display a variety of sweets, including chocolate. This station will showcase different mini cakes and mini bites of other desserts. People will be excited to taste and try the different deserts here. Make sure this dessert station is well decorated to enhance the display. To have everybody enjoy this delicatessen calculate a minimum of three deserts per guest.

Ceviche Bar

Your guests will enjoy a well-received ceviche bar. For those who love ceviche and those with no idea what it is. Let’s talk a bit about ceviche. It is a dish made of seafood and originated in Peru. The ceviche can be made of shrimp, octopus, fish, lobster, etc. It is cooked or raw. I like the raw ceviche. It is marinated with a significant amount of lemon and lime, which changes its texture and flavor. It has tomatoes, onions, cilantro, hot pepper, salt, and pepper. I like it when it is left overnight, so you have an explosion of flavor in your mouth from the ingredients when you eat it.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Station

I can tell you now that this station will be your guests’ favorite. It is an action station that will impress everyone in your celebration, having them go back for more. The ice cream is made in front of you by using liquid nitrogen. Add sugar, milk, cream and flavors into the mixing bowl. After a few minutes of mixing these ingredients, slowly add liquid nitrogen into the mixer until the ice cream is ready. Before eating, the nitrogen must have evaporated completely, so it is safe to eat. The unique smoke-like special effect is a show stopper and the delicious ice cream will top everything up. If you are looking for an exciting idea of having ice cream at your event, don’t forget to add the liquid nitrogen ice cream station to your reception ideas list. You won’t be disappointed. Request different flavors to spice up the experience.

Cake Toppers

Cake toppers are known to add a quirky look to your cakes. After being intricately designed and crafted, your wedding cakes are then topped off with fun cake toppers to add to the appeal. You can shop around for themed cake toppers or have some custom-made to your design to add some originality.

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You can have cake toppers where you and your significant other wear a unique set of clothes or hold some items that you remembered in your relationship. Take your time and enjoy the whole process of finding unique and interesting cake toppers.


A good way to add a sense of luxury to your event is to include a bar. Your guests will enjoy having access to beverages of your choosing. Consider adding water, soft drinks, alcohol, and other beverages to your bar. Have the bar outfitted with LED lights to give it an appealing look. Be sure to find a bartender with the ability to mix and serve a variety of drinks to satisfy your guests’ cravings.

Bar Heading


Add shots of some of your favorite beverages to add more festivities to your event. Shots symbolize hectic fun and are known to be included in many parties and events. Include a variety of brands and tastes your family and friends will have fun with. Your guests will have fun trying the different concoctions you ordered to be made. Your event will be complete with a timeline for consuming shots for your guests. Next up in our wedding reception ideas list is a classic idea.

Ice Cream Popsicles Shaped Like Bride And Groom

Another unique way to make an impression at your wedding is to have ice cream popsicles shaped like the bride and groom served to your guests. Have them made in different flavors. Your guests will be smiling when they are surprised by this dessert when it is time to eat. You can request a theme, for example, flintstone attire, or have your ice cream figures look as if they are laughing. Having this at your wedding will be sure to entertain your guests.


Wedding Reception Ideas | 97 Inspirational Ideas

Having special time slots set aside for events that will wow your guests will be a great addition for any reception. Follow these suggestions for inspiration on how to improve your event.

Bride And Groom Entering Through Limo

Have your entrance be one filled with spectacle. Enter your event in a limousine. There are a wide variety of limousine styles to choose from. You can arrive in a jacuzzi limo or another style. Your guests will be amazed after the red carpet is rolled out for you as you exit your limo.

Rose Petal Drop

Having a rose petal drop is magical and romantic. Here is how I do it. Fill up a balloon with rose petals, a 3′ balloon underinflated to 2′.5″, attach the poppers, and rig it as high as possible to improve the effect. If the ceiling is high, it will be spectacular and work perfectly. You can use this special effect during the first dance to surprise the couple. This surprise works for them because it makes this explosion sound and the rose petals rain on them. It is truly spectacular and a service I offer.

Balloon Confetti Drop

The confetti drop is fun, but many venues do not allow it because it gets stuck in the carpet. I like to add mini balloons and confetti to a large balloon, add the poppers, and rig it as high as possible to see the magic happen. Before planning to have this special effect, ask your contact person at the venue to see if it is allowed. This is a decoration I offer.

Train Dance

This good old dance is always trendy. Start a train dance if you want to get your guests on the dance floor. The bride and groom go to the dance floor and start dancing while the master of the ceremony invites the bridal party to join the newlyweds and then the guests. What concludes is a long train of dances moving to the beat. It is one activity that you want to add to the list of fun.

Exotic Animals Showing

Give your wedding a unique flair by showing exotic animals to your guests. They will be lining up to pet and introduce themselves to the animals you choose. You can have a theme like farm animals or animals from the Savannah. Have baby lambs or lions at your event. Just be sure to ask your city if your plans go hand in hand with their code.

Fire Eating Performance

Need more spectacle in your events to attract special attention? Then hire fire eaters for your event. Your guests will be in awe as they sit back to enjoy a performance worthy of your wedding.

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Be sure to shop around and find performers who can walk you through their routine so you may judge if their performance is what you are looking for in your event. Your guests are sure to be amazed at their performance.

fire eater performance

For The Children

Wedding Reception Ideas | 97 Inspirational Ideas

Let’s talk about the kids at your event in our wedding reception ideas list. It is important that, if you intend to have children in your event, to make sure they invest their time enjoying themselves so everyone will have a better experience. Take these suggestions when wondering what to do with the little ones in your event.

Merry Go Round

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, then having a merry-go-round will always light up the excitement in the children’s eyes at your wedding. They will spend hours enjoying your Merry go round. Find a merry-go-round with a unique theme and play your favorite music with it. Your kids are sure to have fun on this amusement park ride.

Hide And Seek

How about keeping the children entertained with a fun classic like hide and seek. In outdoor events you can have someone host hide and seek games with your children. Have an area designated for them to play. They will remember the fun they had at your wedding for a long time.

Pizza Party

Do you want the children to have a night they’ll remember? Have them eat pizza at your event. Try homemade pizza or hire from a selection of numerous pizza locations to improve the quality of your pizza. The children will be excited when they start biting into the pizza. While enjoying your wedding, the children will have something fun to look forward to.

Bouncy Castle

A classic, the bouncy castle can be placed outdoors in your event to give the children something to take up their time while they wait for the food to get ready. It will be a night to remember as they play for hours in the bouncy castle. You can have different themes for your castle, and there are many variations available online.

Movie Time

Do you have a favorite movie you want to share with the children at your wedding? Run a movie for them while the adults partake in the festivities. It will allow you to hold your event more easily as your guests dance and drink. You can buy a generator or rent a tv to showcase your movie.

Event Babysitter

Have guests who will be attending your event with infants and children? You can have an area of your event devoted to watching over the kids while the adults enjoy the festivities. Have your children watched over by an event caretaker while enjoying numerous amenities? Your kids will be looked after in safety while the adults enjoy the reception with a clear mind.

Unique Wedding Ideas Reception

Wedding Reception Ideas | 97 Inspirational Ideas

When it comes to being unique these days, it’s hard. Use these suggestions to add a unique flair to your wedding.

Wishing Tree

I love the wishing tree. It is a popular way to make the bride and groom enjoy the attention of their guests. The guests get to write messages and wish to the newlyweds. During the reception, these cards are tied to a tree with a ribbon, then the bride and groom read a few of them and invite some guests to join them in reading the wishes. It is a joyful moment because the couple enjoys it while reading.

Motorhome, An Impressive Way, To Arrive In Style

Do you want to arrive at your celebration’s location and don’t want to feel like you are suffocating in a small car? Your dress will wrinkle, or the driver will park too far away, so nobody sees you? There is a Luxe way to transport you from the ceremony to the reception or pick you up from home. A motorhome allows you to stay inside as long as you decide. You can change in it, shower, have your makeup done, and have a drink while getting ready, and if you rent it for a day or more, you can go on your honeymoon without the worry of booking a hotel room or taking an airplane. I offer this service, contact us and we’ll give you more information.

Space Onboard A Spaceship

With the incredible technology that we enjoy today, it will be possible to enjoy a reception on a spaceship. Perhaps it will not be inexpensive, but it will be unique and groundbreaking. I believe it will make the news globally if your reception is in space onboard a spaceship.

Having A Pandemic Friendly Reception

We have learned so much during these few years of the pandemic. There are so many choices to celebrate safely. I love the illuminated clear dome tents with a personalized platform designed to accommodate only eight to ten people, leaving ample space for the dance floor. Usually, family members from the same household share this space to minimize getting infected. It is also a unique way to celebrate together as family and friends. This is a great idea to minimize the chance of anyone getting sick.


Wedding Reception Ideas | 97 Inspirational Ideas

We are finally nearing the end of our discussion about wedding reception ideas and amazing things to do at your reception. Gifts are a great way to bring people together. It provides joy to the people giving and receiving the gifts. Take these suggestions to mind with planning what gifts to give to your guests.

Wedding Favors

Some people like giving favors to their guests, but when the favor has no meaning or is cheap, it gets thrown in the garbage at the end of the event. If you want to give something to your guests, consider a goody bag with some snacks or a variety of chocolate or do something personalized that they can take home and enjoy.

Flower Crown Wedding Favor

Giving the ladies a flower crown at the registration table will be such a great idea and your guests will feel so special. The crown can be made with fresh flowers of permanent botanicals. One flower crown that is easy to make and doesn’t need to worry about lasting is baby breath or million stars. It will be easy to wear. It will look fabulous on anybody, even guys.

Flower Crown

Themed Wedding Favors

If your wedding has a theme, you can have a favor showing off the theme. For example, you can add a sweetheart rose outside of a small goody bag or have a standard rose at each table.

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You can add butterflies for an enchanted forest theme. You can place butterflies on each napkin to ensure whatever you do matches your theme. I assure you that your guests will be surprised by the unexpected.

Ribbon Wands

Get creative and have some ribbon wands ready for the send-out of the newlyweds. These wands are a hit at many weddings due to their festive look. They are wands with long ribbons at the end of them. The ribbons can match the color of the wedding or have a white one. It looks great in photos and the couple will enjoy leaving with this great send-out. They will forever remember that moment.


Wedding Reception Ideas | 97 Inspirational Ideas

These are a few wedding reception ideas, be resourceful and come up with great ideas that you can personalize. When my clients come to me with photos from another designer, I make sure they understand that there are so many other ways to have an out-of-the-box reception, and I challenge them to try something different or provide a twist of what they saw somewhere else. The idea is to be different and have a unique reception. You will be surprised by how much your guests will talk about how creative you are. Remember that it is not a competition, but it is essential to invest time and money to create the reception you have always dreamt of. I wish you the best and much clarity to have your dream reception.

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