Never the Mother of the Bride

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“Never the Mother of the Bride, written by Bisli is the perfect title simply because she cares about her brides, couples, families and puts each of them first before herself. In the business of creating celebrations…success comes from excellence in the execution of an event. The icing on the cake is when your planner leads from their heart. Bisli brings knowledge and creates from the soul BUT, it is the fiber of her heart that makes her stand out. She may never be the mother of the bride but she will always be a loving, smart, emotional, talented professional that will honor your requests and make sure your wedding comes to life with love!

David Tutera

Never the Mother of the Bride

Not having the daughter I always wanted, I adopted the brides as my daughters every time I planned their weddings. The mothers of the brides loved when I said, from now on she is mine, I will take care of her as my own and that came from the bottom of my heart because I genuinely believe they are the daughters I never had; the feelings I experience in those months are inexplicable. Thank you for allowing sharing your daughter’s love and letting me be a mother for almost three decades. I must get this off my chest. Since I got married, I dreamed of having a girl and a boy; GOD gave me the two most amazing, loving, handsome and intelligent sons in this world.

The book ‘Never the mother of the bride’ is my big dream project that comprehensively discusses everything couples look for to create a fantastic wedding celebration. It is more like a practical wedding guide as it dives deep into the planning process. Every chapter contains many how-to topics paired with helpful suggestions and eye-catching imagery that’ll give you some seriously inspirational wedding decoration ideas. It is written with a mother’s passion who treats every bride like the daughter I never had; it is heartwarming and welcoming to all interested readers.

Part of my job involves helping brides-to-be feel less stressed, manage their budget right and look glamorous. I love to see couples enjoying their big day and have organized wedding celebrations in several countries worldwide, including the USA. Inspired by my love of seeing happy couples and as a joyous escape from the dark times of 2020, she dove into her writing, trying to produce something that all those couples who have had to postpone their special days could gain from.

Through this book, I share my knowledge with soon-to-be-married couples – and anyone else who wants to throw unforgettable parties. The readers will get to know all of her wedding planning secrets and will lead couples through the process of engagement ceremony, the grand ceremony where they say, ‘I do.’ and the Luxury Celebrations.

Enjoy the book and I hope it will guide you to make the right decisions.