Attract your ideal client with your style, Designing a Show Stopper Booth.

We often spend so much money on bridal shows that we end up broke because we do not know how to attract our ideal clients.

I always focused on investing in what would bring me the client I wanted to work with. A well planned and executed design for your space will sell you services even without talking to the visitors, if they like what they see, they will contact you, so invest in what will bring you profit, small things don’t make sales as well as large visuals so think grandiose.

You must take information that your prospective clients can take with them or download if the bridal show is virtual. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your knowledge.

You will learn:

  • How to decorate your space at a wedding fair to attract prospective clients.
  • You’ll also discover how prepare for your expo to be a complete success, what team to Why it is crucial to arrive early bring to assist at the show.
  • Why it is crucial to arrive early.
  • There is a limited window at bridal shows to capture prospective clients’ attention, so an eye catching display is necessary to attract them to your space.
  • It is imperative to know and plan what look and atmosphere you want to create in your space and what type of marketing material you are using to promote your brand.