Optical illusion floral design cascading orchids

Sometimes we see things that give the illusion of being something else, this centerpiece will do that for your clients and their guests because, from far away, it will look like it is floating when they walk into the celebration area.

These styles of floral arrangements are eye-catching. You’ll need to do this if you want to attract your dream clients. We love to be creative and design outside the box, this is vital if you plan to work with customers that bring you peace of mind and high profit. Learn the right techniques to be prepare when it is required to be created and, at the same time, earn money.

  • You’ll discover what makes this centerpiece to have an optical illusion.
  • You learn how to introduce shrink-wrap within your design to keep your flowers fresher also the secret of the mechanics used and how to keep it secured.
  • How to design with Makara orchids and why we selected this orchid for this design.
  • You will acquire the ability to design an upside-down centerpiece and keep all the guests talking about it. When you get people to talk about how great your designs are, it will bring you more up-scale clients.