Most Common Flower Varieties (Part 1)

Flowers are a must for weddings and other memorable events. They add beauty, romance and let everyone know that something special is taking place. Flowers also symbolize history and tradition. In ancient Rome (753 BC–476 AD), brides wore flower garlands to symbolize fidelity, new beginnings and offer fertility. In the Middle Ages (476 AD — 1453) and onward, flowers and aromatic herbs drove away evil spirits, ill health, and bad luck. They also increased sexual desire. During the Victorian era (1837–1901), flowers expressed love and each particular bloom carried a meaning.

The Victorian era traditions somehow remain strong today. Some wedding planners, brides and grooms select flowers based upon looks and the meaning behind each one. This blog is the first in a series that will examine the most common types of flowers.

Calla Lilly: these gorgeous trumpet blossoms represent beauty, purity, fidelity, and devotion. Historical artists often depicted them with the Virgin Mary. Some may associate them with death and funerals, but white Calla Lilies also symbolize innocence, rebirth, and renewal. Purple ones represent passion, while yellow and pink express gratitude and admiration. They require only a little water — too much will make their marvelous long stems slimy.

Rose: all generally represent love. Red represents bravery and romance; yellow signifies friendship and happiness; orange represents new beginnings and desire; pink means thankfulness; and, white denotes purity. There are many varieties from which to choose — some have small and few petals, while others have large and many petals and some are more fragrant than others.

Tulip: these exemplify profound love. Purple also denotes loyalty. Though they come in over 3,000 varieties and many colors, their symmetrical buds instantly identify them. They are perfect as a floral focal point; it’s a great addition to a bridal bouquet and arrangement.

Peony: these flowers represent honor, joy, love, romance, prosperity. People usually give them to others to express generosity, interest, and happiness. Many often give them on special occasions to express goodwill, joy, and best wishes. They also have unique colors and a lovely fragrance.

Once again, future blogs will examine more flower varieties.

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